Walk from Los Cristianos to Palm Mar

There are some great walks right on the doorstep of the southern tourist resorts and Los Cristianos is no exception.  Last week Jim and Lin a friend of ours who loves walking decided to take the trip over the top of Mount Guaza and drop down into Palm Mar. Lin has done this walk several times so was familiar with it and it is something that Jim has wanted to do for a long time.  I knew it wasn´t for me and my wonky knees but was reluctant for him to do it on his own as there are several routes and much to his disgust and my over-active imagination – I could see him ending his days walking round in circles and never getting back to ground level.

To start the walk, go to the far end of Los Cristianos, past the Arona Gran Hotel and the beautiful villa that overlooks the sea.

From here head past the rocky beach and there are several paths that you can take towards Montaña Guaza. The entire mountain is a protected natural reserve that steadily climbs and winds its way inland.  Los Cristianos soon falls away, revealing stunning views of the port, beaches and the Atlantic. After about an hour you reach the very top.  You can´t go into the compound where you can see the aerials and antenna but from up here there is a clear view of the motorway, the town of Guaza, and even out as far as the airport.

From where we live I didn´t expect to learn that the top of the mountain is a level plateau with old stone terraces and even derelict buildings dating back to when there was farming in the area.

After a short while, the intrepid pair dropped down the scree slope into Palm Mar where they had a well deserved breakfast at Pearls Pantry before walking along the road to El Rancho, where they found a different starting point to make their ascent and return back to the car in Los Cristianos.

I am told it isn’t too bad a climb providing you have both a good head for heights and a camera to catch those great views from the top. The outward journey was easy as they set off early and there was plenty of cloud cover but the return was harder as by then temperatures had reached 30+C.

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5 Responses to Walk from Los Cristianos to Palm Mar

  1. Susan Flegg says:

    Thanks for this info, we are normally in Los Chris for 3 months 1st Dec onwards but this year we are in Palm Mar hope to do this walk on occasion but will travel by taxi most of the time, are there some nice Bars and Restaraunts in Palm Mar? we are going to Palm Mar for some quietness but still like a glass or two in the evening lol”….

    • Hi Susan, check out my ‘Restaurant Page’ you will find some nice places to eat. Friend and I like Pearl’s for a cheap lunch but to push the boat out we love the Sea Lounge and there are a few others close by.

  2. missmoonpoppie says:

    Karel has his walking boots ready to pack – so Jim…make sure you know the way – because I have the same imagination you have – seeing them ending there days walking round in circles and never getting back to ground level..;-)
    I have very goog walking boots myself and who knows – one day after the good influence ot the climate of Tenerife – I can do the walk too !! Btw ….we are superwoman !! 🙂

  3. ceejayblue says:

    Looks like a lovely walk. I’ve got dodgy knees too so not sure I’d manage it LOL! Plus I get out of breath really easily but might be something to help with getting me fit again if we do it in March LOL!

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