The Willows – Los Cristianos

Before I tell you about the ‘ladies wot lunch’ experience at the Willows let me explain that I have not been sleeping well so the day we went I was rather tired having been up since 3.00am and apart from forgetting to take my camera (hence the images are taken from the internet) I found myself getting easily confused and acting like the stereotype blonde.

So with explanation given three of us (on this occasion Hanan with us) decided to try The Willows in the Apolo Centre in Los Cristianos as in the past few weeks it has been gaining acclaim on various social media networks.  When we arrived at 12.30 it was closed the ladies in the charity shop opposite said they often pop out to do shopping but should be back as we were by then into the lunch hour.  We wandered into the supermarket bought a packet of pet food for the guy who sits outside with his Siamese cat and his dog and by the time we got back the restaurant was open.

The explanation was they had been to the hospital and because the man had a patch on his eye I asked was that it – no he snapped broken fingers.  Oh well I guessed they hurt like hell which was why he was so abrupt.  Anyway we chose a table just outside the door and the lady who is Dutch was very nice and made sure we knew that as well as the menu there was a menu del dia.

So now the confusion starts.  There are lots of items listed and beside each it says tapas or starter

Me – what is the difference in size as the difference in price is nominal?
The man – a tapas is a tapas and a starter is the size of a starter
Me – ¿Que?
The man – OK if you order the meatball tapas you get 3 and if you order the starter you get 6. 

Fine, I now understand.

So we check again, the pork with Roquefort sounded nice, as did the steak. Linda liked the sound of the prawns and the meatballs and because it said all you can eat for €10 she chose something else which brought the price to around €10. Hanan thought she would go for the set meal which was tortilla, carbonara plus a pudding (can´t remember what).

The guy came with his pad and we told him what we would like.  Don´t think I can do that, if you are looking at the €10 ‘all you can eat tapas’ everyone on the table has to have it.  No problem, we could do that and we started to tell him what we would like for our €10. No, he says it doesn´t work like that we start at the top and you get to try everything that is on the menu.  As soon as the table is cleared we bring you more food.  At last, we finally understood, even though I am the only blonde!

The food arrived and I cannot begin to list everything that was there, our first round was watermelon with a slice of Parma ham, the most delicious mushrooms in garlic, coleslaw, shredded chicken on a bed of salad, and a bowl of olives.  Then came some white creamy stuff that I thought was cheese and the others thought was yogurt drizzled with balsamic vinegar, tortilla and also garlic bread, curried rice, pasta with fish and some pancakes with cheese sauce (this was the only thing I didn´t like) Spanish black-pudding and chicken sate.

By this time we were totally stuffed and had to call it a day, well we had been wading our way through dish after dish for almost two hours.  The chef, I believe would have continued serving the food, but there is only so much you can eat. Our only disappointment was that the dishes we had originally wanted to try did not appear so no pork, no prawns, no meatballs, no cheese and no steak.  What we ended up with was what I personally would call a lots of ‘filler’ dishes so by the time we got to the more expensive produce we had no room left to eat, I think as a marketing ploy ‘All you can eat’ is a very clever idea at least as far as the restaurant is concerned.

Would I go again, yes provided nobody wanted ‘the deal’ and I could actually try the dishes I wanted to try as what we did have was tasty.  I certainly wouldn´t go for the location, being tucked inside a shopping centre with closed locals and a charity shop opposite (fine for us because we know the ladies who work there) but for anyone else a view of second hand clothes isn´t the best.  I would like to think they succeed as the food we had was all well prepared, however none of us was impressed with the man’s attitude although the lady was lovely but she did wander away a couple of times leaving him on his own (perhaps they were having a bad day) and whilst there were people passing through the centre, during the time we were there we were sadly, the only customers.

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  1. missmoonpoppie says:

    Lol, next time, take Karel with you , let him eat the “filler” rounds and when he is asking when the aperitive knibbels are finished and the starters are coming – go in and you will get all the stuff you wanted to eat but didn’t get ! 😉 xxx

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