Happy Birthday

Today is my husband’s birthday and although I am dedicating this blog to him, I am sharing my thoughts publicly, so anyone stopping by knows just how I feel.

Every morning I wake up and thank God for the day I met you. We’ve been through a lot together and after all these years we just keep getting better and better. We are old souls, entwined since the beginning of creation, waiting for the precise moment when we could begin our journey together. You are my heart, my soul, my rock, my best friend, my lover, my hero, my life, you are my everything and I love you more than you could ever possibly imagine. These are just a few of the reasons :

  1. You make me feel safe
  2. You stand by me when I need it most
  3. You let me thaw my frozen feet on the backs of your legs
  4. You pretend that I’m perpetually 35 years old
  5. You always encourage me to try new things

I can’t remember life before you and I never want to imagine life without you.

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8 Responses to Happy Birthday

  1. kateykate says:

    just read this at work…mum you made me cry! now all my patients think I’m a nutter Love you both you are my inspiration xx

  2. missmoonpoppie says:

    First of all : a very happy birthday to Jim !!! xxx ! 🙂
    My sweet soulsister, it was beautiful what you wrote …We both read it, and we had both the same reaction : this is weard …and it proves once again the fact whe’re soulsisters….This are almost the same words we used in ou’re wedding vows ( we wrote them ourselves ) and the things we believe in .
    We are old souls, entwined since the beginning of creation, waiting for the precise moment when we could begin our journey together – over and over again ….
    It’s so beautiful to read – between all the misery in the world, all the bad relationships – that there are people we care for a lot – who have the rare priceless luck to have such endless eternal bond of love like we have ..Ad infinitum ! xxx

  3. greyjake says:

    What can I say, thanks to all. If Red Queen thinks she is lucky,well, she is not as lucky as I am because I have her. I think one of our greatest strengths is that we like a lot of the same things but at the same time have a healthy supply of our own interests; Meryl likes X-factor (the dogs get an extra long walk when that is on) and try as I might she still can’t tell the difference between a Norton Manx 30M and a Matchless G50. But I still love her so much.

    • ceejayblue says:

      Just read this out to my John, its so us too and I love X Factor and can’t tell the difference between Motorbikes either! LOL! (I’m assuming that’s what they are? Although I do like watching MotoGP!). Hope you had a great day xxx

  4. ceejayblue says:

    Oh and sorry, forgot to say Happy Birthday Jim, you’re a very lucky man to have such a great wife. xx

  5. ceejayblue says:

    Oh that’s beautiful! I have the same feelings about my other half John. We’ve been together 40 years and married 36 and he is my best friend and although we drive each other up the wall sometimes, Its wonderful to know that we will be together until we both pass away. I’m going to save your words, if I may, and show them to my husband as they are so moving. xxx

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