Buy me a Coffee / Buy me a Beer?

“To practice art, no matter how well or badly – whether you sing in the show, dance to the radio, write a poem to a friend even a lousy poem, just do it as you have created something – it is a way to make your soul grow not make a living.”
Kurt Vonnegut 

Since Google Reader was discontinued I now use Feedly to organise and read the people whose writing I admire.  My lists include Travel sites, News feeds and of course being a blogger – Blogs and that is what my little rant today is about.

It seems that of late it has become fashionable to stick a button on blogs in an attempt to make money. These donate buttons can be a straightforward Donate or a slightly more humorous Buy Me a Coffee or a Beer and allow readers to make a PayPal donation at the end of each post


I have no objection to donating to a specific cause or charity where the funds will be put to good use.  I have no real objection if a blogger provides readers with something that they can’t get elsewhere and will help them in their daily lives.  What I do find distasteful is that many bloggers who offer meaningless ‘jibber’ are now jumping on the bandwagon.

Let’s be realistic about this, the people I am talking about are those, like myself who have a FREE blog or website.  Anyone can download these there are thousands littering the internet and you don´t even need to spend time searching.  Just ask for the top sites and you can see immediately what is listed – the choice is yours.


You decide which direction your blog will take, be it news, fashion, travel or like mine wherever the mood takes you.  You enjoy filling the site and now you are popular so why do you suddenly feel you could or should make money from it?  What are we, the readers, being asked to donate towards? To reiterate, the start up cost was zilch, the time spent is as much or as little as you like, even the donate buttons are FREE!!  In my view you are in danger of coming across as greedy.

I learnt in business many years ago that if someone asks for something you can charge what you believed it is worth, however, if you offer information, a service or goods then this is free. You cannot turn around and say can you pay me for something you didn´t actually request!

I’ve seen a number of bloggers over the last couple of months become a little obsessed with the idea of making money from donations. As a result they are actually annoying their readers who have become disillusioned that the writer who originally found gratification in the giving of their time and effort should now expect a reward the result is these blogs are slowly dying.

I have been asked on numerous occasions if I would accept adverts on my blogs, the answer is a resounding NO, as is the placing of a DONATE button.  I do what I do for the pleasure it gives me and if others enjoy it along the way that is reward enough.

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One Response to Buy me a Coffee / Buy me a Beer?

  1. ceejayblue says:

    I agree about the donate buttons! Sometimes, if someone is doing a charity thing I’ll go onto their justgiving page and donate but only if they have previously asked politely and not just assume you will click the button!

    I enjoy reading other people’s experiences, that’s how I got into blogging by following you LOL! I do it as a means of letting off steam, trying to collect my thoughts and generally just rambling (I’m good at that!) if I was going to earn money from writing stuff I’d write articles for magazines and get paid for it but that’s too much like hard work. Writing my blog and reading other people’s is a pleasure and for me that’s priceless.

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