Art is just a load of Rubbish!

It was a bit overcast last Friday so I decided to switch on the box – something I never do and watch daytime TV.  It turned out that ‘Flog It’ was on and one of the features showed a lady called Heather Jansch, her passion is horses, however she doesn´t keep horses she makes them  from driftwood!

This got me thinking I wonder how many others create the coolest of things from the everyday objects that most of us discard.  After a very short search I found some of what I think are really beautiful ‘recycled’ art.

This is a very clever shadow picture where one man’s trash is another man’s sleeping street kids.

Derek Gores recycles magazines, and labels to create works of art on canvas.

By Gum!  This must be the most artistic wall of all where rather than throwing gum on the ground in Seattle, it has been used stuck to this wall.

And …….. What I really find fascinating is how can someone like Tom Deininger can visualise the sensational end result from  a pile of rubbish.  Well the video shows you how!

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2 Responses to Art is just a load of Rubbish!

  1. Karen says:

    A M A S I N G…great find x

  2. ceejayblue says:

    Some modern art leaves me cold, there’s something in Tate Britain at the moment that is a gian upturned table! What’s that supposed to mean? However, people who have vision to turn rubbish into such amazing artworks really are so clever and intuitive. Beautiful, especially the Marilyn Munroe one.

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