Our Florida Break

I should have been excited about this holiday but as we were getting closer, it seemed that everything that possibly could go wrong was lining up to go wrong.  They say things happen in threes but if anyone can change the trend we can. The series of unfortunate events began the day before we were due to leave when the only real rain that had hit the south of the island during 2013 started.  I was sitting in the hairdressers when I received a phone call from the kennels where my girls’ board asking if it was necessary that I take them that day as they were flooded.  Having no alternative we arrived at Digs4Dogs to find Allen and Lesley in wellies mopping out!  Fortunately my girls are small and they could be accommodated in the large cattery under the main house.  Learning afterwards about the continued bad weather on the island, it seems this was the best thing that could have happened as the cattery is warm and cosy. After saying our goodbyes we returned home to continue our packing.

Anyone who has been to my house knows we converted part of our large garage into an occasional spare bedroom for the overspill of guests.  Although there is no natural light it is a nice room and there is plenty of fresh air from a large vent that opens onto the patio.  To our horror the torrential rain had entered the room through a small space in the door that covers the air vent bring down part of the false ceiling which landed on the bed where our partly packed suitcase was open. So at 6.00pm the day before we were due to fly on holiday I was washing and trying to dry our winter clothes which we had packed for the expected bad weather in the UK.

9.00am the next morning, our friend Kevin took us to the airport and he nearly gave himself a hernia trying to put our cases into the back of his car (they were even heavier when he collected us at the end of December!!).  We got there early to book our bags in only to find the flight delayed. Still Kate had checked online and didn´t have to wait too long at Gatwick to collect us.

We had one night in the UK before leaving for Orlando so Kate had arranged a taxi to take us to North Camp Station where we can get a train straight into Gatwick Airport.  Guess what, the taxi forgot us and after a phone call arrived 20 minutes late, fortunately the train we were due to catch was also late.  The guy doing the announcements was really pissed off he kept saying “this train shouldn´t be running because the crew could not get out of bed and I was called at the last minute”.  And because it was so late, it was not a direct train so we had to haul our heavy bags up stairs to a different platform.  Phew! Finally at the airport, everything checked in – PLANE DELAYED!!!

Could things get any more frustrating?  After 9 hours, we finally got to Holiday Inn.  We normally drive straight to Orange Lake but decided as Kate was going to be doing most of the driving we would make our first trip in daylight.  Now having thought I had booked 2 rooms for this overnighter, it seemed I had managed to put 5 of us in just 1 room and there was no more room at the Inn, OMG but it was fine and plenty big enough.

So far holiday seems doomed but tomorrow is another day.

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