El Rancho – Palm Mar, Tenerife

Friday was the first time this year that us Ladies Wot Lunch managed to get together, we had postponed a couple of times, once due to a friend being unwell and once I had an unplanned trip to the vet to have a torn dewclaw removed.  So it was with mixed feelings that I went along to El Rancho as my meals here in the past, to say the least, have not been great.

I was even more dubious when Linda sent me the menu that advertised lunches at €3.60. I decided the day before we were due to meet that I would opt for the pork chops as in the past these looked quite nice and after one bite, if they were to the standard I had come to expect from this restaurant,  I would wrap them up and take home for my dogs.

This week there were four of us, Linda and Hanan fell around laughing when I mentioned my plans and said the food was delicious – they had been a couple of times while I was on holiday, Carol wanted to try because she hadn’t been before.

I had my first surprise as we entered, what used to be rustic (I always thought dirty) was spotlessly clean with really smart comfortable chairs.  Instead of a smarmy waiter we had a young girl who remembered that Linda drank vodka and coke and Hanan, Sprite.  She brought our bread and dips (this have always been good) and took our order.  One spare-ribs, one grilled chicken and two chicken escalopes all served with salad and chips, and all €3.60.  I changed my mind about having the chops when I saw plates of food being delivered to the other tables.

So what can I say ……….. the food despite being so cheap and so much of it was delicious and nothing could be faulted.  So all that is left to do is EAT MY WORDS and next time anyone wants to know somewhere cheap and cheerful I will recommend without hesitation.

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  1. Carol says:

    Absolutely loved it & the company wasn’t bad either lol x

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