Just Like Me

While we were away spending time with the family in the UK, we played games and sang songs (some more tuneful than others – they sounded better as the evening wore on and the drink kicked in). My daughter Kate sang a little ditty which she used to teach to primary school children in Canada. It was silly but it suddenly made me think.

Now, I am no supporter of the PC brigade and see them as nothing but a group of hand-wringing moral guardians who think they have the right to shape the lives of the rest of us poor, law abiding, tax payers. The kindest thing I can say is that whilst their delusional hearts may be in the right place their brains certainly aren’t especially when they would seem to put the rights of the criminal above those of the wider community. However if I once get started I won´t be able to stop and the purpose of this blog was that Kate’s song did trigger a thought in an area where I do have strong views…. Prejudice.

Most of us strive to treat people in fair, equal and unbiased ways and prejudice makes me feel bad as it goes against my core values. If someone implies some people are better than others or they express anger toward another because of the colour of their skin, the way they look or the way they talk it makes me angry. No matter who or what and despite all our differences we are really all the same inside.

Perhaps we should all go around singing Kate’s song

Just Like Me

My friend is orange with a long, green nose
His teeth are yellow and arranged in rows
He comes from a planet where the blue grass grows
But his heart beats just like mine. 

So what? So what?
Who cares how many eyes he’s got?
He’s my friend and I like him a lot,
So what? So what? So what?

My friend’s orange with a big, bald head,
His feet are furry and his eyes are red,
I can’t say his name and so I call him Fred,
And inside, he’s just like me.

So what? So what?
Who cares how many toes he’s got?
He’s my friend and I like him a lot,
So what? So what? So what

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3 Responses to Just Like Me

  1. Paul says:

    I was wondering if there is a good music bar at Las Americas/Los Christianos? I think people want to go to a bar with real music, not only those HAMMOND things. Like a blues bar. You think there is an apportunity for starting a bussiness like that?

    • I think the best place to ask your question is on a website like Tripadvisor where you will get lots of different opinions rather than just my view then you will also know what ‘tourists’ as well as locals would like to see. Best of luck

  2. ceejayblue says:

    I’m all for being a bit PC about somethings, but for the most part the PC brigade spoil things for the rest of us. At my grandson’s nursery they don’t sing “Baa Baa Black Sheep” anymore, its “Baa Baa Curly Sheep” or something equally stupid! Why change the words of a little song that goes back hundreds of years. No black friends that I have take offence at it, so why should some white, usually middle class, person think bad of it. I have a friend from Nigeria who worked at a large homeless charity and everyone was told that they couldn’t say “black coffee” or “white coffee” it had to be with or without milk! Now I know that’s what it is but honestly! The reason given was that the ethnic minorities would be offended! LOL!

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