The Circus brings new life to City

Anyone who has seen my postings on various forums knows I am not a lover of the usual Tenerife type market.  I like the Farmers markets for fruit and veg, the Mercado Nuestra Señora de Africa “La Recova” in Santa Cruz because it feels authentic and not just there selling tourist tat and knock offs, and last year I discovered by chance a new market. Well it was new to me but has been running for around a year however so far only open one weekend a month, which they were hoping to rectify for 2014.  I don´t know if they have managed to do this yet or whether the powers that be are still debating!


It goes under the theme of circus “El Rastrillo Le Pettite Cirque and was started as an attempt to revive a forgotten and depressed area in the centre of the city. Initially it got going with about ten stalls and now there are over 40 which are spread between the streets of El Clavel and Pedro Alcantara Santa Cruz de Tenerife. While the main clientele originally were residents, as word spread and because it is very close to the traditional shopping area of Calle Castillo tourists and cruise passengers are also becoming regular visitors.  There is a poster in Calle Castillo to help those who don’t know the area find the market.

Lovers of markets cannot help but admire each of the stalls where they can find a variety of antiques, art, clothing, jewellery, books and vintage clothes (even designer) but for me the real treasures are the hand-made products including exquisite soaps which so far I have only been able to find on the internet. What’s more the prices are low so great if you want to take something home on a spur of the moment whim.

I like this kind of market; I like to wander through areas that are old. La Clave and the surrounding streets have become an appealing and newly expanding area of ​​downtown Santa Cruz, a mix of entertainment, shops, bars and restaurants that seem to be growing and succeeding after being abandoned for decades.

The neighbourhood is the perfect place to spend a day enjoying a new shopping and leisure experience then end up eating at one of its restaurants.  Gradually new life and culture is returning to these narrow streets of the city.

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