La Pepa Market, CC Passarela – Los Cristianos

This blog has been hanging around a few weeks as I actually visited the market 15th January, but I had a lot going on during the month so didn’t get around to publishing.

I met my friend Linda on the top floor of CC Passarela (near Mirador Strip) as I had read a few comments about a new fruit and vegetable market where you can also buy snacks.  As I love fresh produce I thought it would be a good place to go for one of our lunches, we could have a browse around the stalls and then get some food to round off our trip.

As it turned out it wasn´t exactly what I expected.  There was only one counter selling fresh meat which while it seemed a bit expensive looked superb and I do think I will be going back to get one of his rib of beef joints. There was a nice stall selling bread and cakes and one small stall selling fruit and vegetables which looked good quality.  On the outside patio by the tables and benches there was a flower stall and an ice cream parlour and a large play area for kids.  The remaining area inside was taken over by food and drink and consisted of stalls selling tapas, cakes, chicken and sushi (although there were only two types) and someone selling sausages.  I think these were to buy and take away rather than eat there but the signs were all in German so I am not exactly sure what that was about and need OH with me to translate.

When I arrived Linda already had a drink and I walked across to where she had bought it and the guy said no we only sell soft drinks if you have alcohol, otherwise use the machine, I went to the wine stall, again no we only sell wine, and another only sold beer and the coffee shop only coffee. So if you want a soft drink the only choice you have is to use a vending machine where you can have either coke or water.  As I only had a €20 note I couldn’t do this until I had ordered some food and got change.

We ordered chicken (I asked for a kebab) and Linda ordered chicken thighs and home-made chips, we paid and were told to come back in 5 minutes when they would be ready.  So I now had some coins and went to the vending machine for a bottle of water but of course no glass – call me old fashioned but I don’t appreciate drinking from a bottle while having lunch.  I then said I would collect our food.  None of the stalls had trays, so with several plates to carry it was backwards and forwards to the outside area.  I was getting more frustrated by the minute.  Just imagine if I was a young mum with kiddies and a buggy in tow queuing at different stalls to order different types of food and drink then back and forth to tables.  Really not well thought out at all and very inconvenient.

When we finally sat down for our lunch mine was OK apart from one piece of chicken which was raw – not under-cooked just NOT COOKED and Linda’s thighs turned out to be wings which IMO could have done with being cooked longer, she ate them but I would have taken them back as I think they would have made me ill. The chips while edible were home-made but slightly over cooked and a bit on the greasy side.

This ‘market’ I would be more inclined to call it a food hall than a market, is open every day from 10am – 10pm  but I think if it wants to succeed it needs to  sort out several issues and rethink its policy on buying drinks.  Neither Linda or I will be rushing back in a hurry except perhaps to see the man selling meat.

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  1. Nikki says:

    I still hen’t made it up the hill but will now think twice

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