Left over Pie

I have got to admit I rarely have any left over food lurking at the back of the fridge or forgotten and forlorn in the freezer, on the odd occasion that I do I won’t throw it away. Instead I will see what I can add to make what will hopefully turn out to be a delicious supper dish.

This pie is one of those fail safes where you can add any type of left over food, whether it is fish (as in this case a portion of salmon), vegetables, chicken, ham whatever happens to be sitting around feeling neglected.


1 portion of salmon cut into bite size cubes.
Leeks or onions
1 oz margarine

Bechamel Sauce made from 
300ml milk
1 oz flour
good pinch mace

2 hard boiled eggs

In a large frying pan fry the leeks and or onions in the margarine until soft but not brown. Add the milk, flour and mace and stir until thickened, then add the salmon and cook lightly. Not too long as it will also go into the oven and you don´t want it to be dry.


Transfer into a greased baking dish and cover the top with sliced hard boiled egg.


3 or 4 slices stale bread cut into cubes
1 oz margarine
3 oz grated cheese whatever you happen to have
1 egg

To make the topping melt the butter and cheese together, then add the cubed bread, this will become very claggy so beat an egg, add this and mix well.


Place the bread and cheese mixture on top of your pie and bake in the oven for around 15 to 20 minutes until golden and crispy.  Serve with your favourite vegetables.

6-DSC03480-001 7-DSC03481-001

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    All round yours for lunch then? Looks yummy! x

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