I said in an earlier post I rarely have leftovers but once in a while I will make EXTRA so that I can use with other things.  This week I was doing mashed potatoes so I did a huge panful because I had a fancy for croquettes.  Like most of my recipes it is altered to suit what I have.  Whilst by their nature it is hard to adapt croquettes,  my changes are in the way they are cooked.  I don’t own a deep fat fryer. I know if I did then we would be tempted to make chips an easy option so for the past almost 9 years I have resisted buying a fryer.

I can´t really give a list of ingredients as whatever you fancy goes into a croquette the only things common to all would be 1 quantity of mashed potato, a dusting of flour to coat, an egg for dipping and some fresh breadcrumbs to finish off before cooking.

creamy-mashed-potatoes-pioneer-woman-thanksgiving-side-dish 1-DSC03484

To my concoction I added several slices of chopped pimento, a good chunk of grated cheese and 1 egg to bind.  I then dipped in flour, egg and breadcrumbs.

2-DSC03485 3-DSC03486

Now because I don´t have said deep fat fryer I make my croquettes flat as I think the iconic roll shape would be difficult to cook evenly in a frying pan.  Anyway it doesn´t really matter about the shape, it is all in the taste and these were pretty yummy!


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One Response to Croquettes

  1. Lorna says:

    Strangely enough that’s exactly what we had too last night! In this apartment we didn’t even have a potato masher ,a must in every Irish kitchen ! So I had to mash them with a fork .
    We don’t have a blender either so I had to use the ready made breadcrumbs.
    Did them the same as you in the pan ,but I did make them round and they were lovely.

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