Krishna II – Playa de las Americas

There are some people on Tripadviser that claim this restaurant is the best curry house in Tenerife so based on their other reviews which I had previously agreed with I had for a long time been promising myself a visit.  When our friend Kevin also claimed he had a superb meal there it was time to do something about it so 7 of us visited recently

It is located, next to the Sporting Jester.  We all met in there for 8.00pm and as it was so pleasant spent another hour chatting over drinks, after all despite the fact we hadn´t booked we could see Krishna was empty, so no mad rush.  The bar owner of Sporting Jester said he would also recommend the curries so I was sure we were onto a winner.

My first surprise was that at gone 9.00 we had the restaurant almost entirely to ourselves, especially after hearing about the amazing food.  However, judging by the warm welcome we received, point two on my measurement stick received an appropriate tick.


Our drinks were ordered, the staff were more than polite they were friendly and chatty and didn´t assume we were tourists who would be here today and gone tomorrow but went out of their way to explain their menu with care.

The popadoms were placed on the table and fortunately we were advised which chutneys were hot.  Two of them totally blew your head off.  I don´t particularly do hot but I do like spicy so this warning was good even if the flavour of these hot dips was not to my taste.


I ordered the vegetable samosa which when it arrived looked greasy. I bit in to the over thick pastry and the filling didn´t particularly taste of anything.  It wasn´t bad, just bland and tasteless, probably because it was all potato.  Jim and Ben had the Seekh kebab which they said were alright.  Usually these should be singing with fragrant spices but just ‘alright’ isn´t much of a recommendation in my book. Carol went for the prawns, as you can see these were on the greasy side although the one I tasted was nice and the batter crisp. Someone (can´t remember who think it may have been Jan) ordered the king prawns and these looked delicious but as there were only three I didn´t get to taste!

Main courses were good even if there wasn’t a lot of meat in the curries, they were well spiced.  I had the Chicken Malay while OH went for the Korma which is unusually as he normally has something a lot hotter.  We shared the pilau rice and a mushroom bhaji and Carol and I shared the Peshwari Naan, while Jim went for a stuffed paratha, which again you can see was greasy.  In fairness this may have been intentional and was probably ghee, but when the bread cooled it didn´t enhance the flavour.  We ended the evening with kulfi they had a choice of either mango or pistachio.

10-DSC03673 11-DSC03674

The meal was filling and we asked to bring ours home as we enjoy a takeaway on a Friday night so this would solve the problem of nipping out for a curry later in the week.  Normally when we do this the flavours seem to intensify with keeping the food in the freezer, I often have to add a carton of yogurt especially if Jim has a Jalfrezi however this wasn´t necessary on this occasion as much of the flavour had disappeared by the time we got around to trying our second serving the following weekend.

So is it ‘the best Indian restaurant on the island’ No and for me it falls a long way short, on the negative side the curries were nice but lacked meat and the starters were on the poor side, however on the positive side the rice was tasty and well cooked, the breads were nice when hot and the mango kulfi was outstanding.  All in all a bit like the curates egg, it really depends on how much of a curry lover you are and what you are used to eating.

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3 Responses to Krishna II – Playa de las Americas

  1. Carol says:

    Good review , a lovely night was had by all . Was it the best. Indian iv had … No definetley not by along shot but the desert & service was excellent x

  2. John Hall says:

    Thanks for the review, M but don’t think we’ll be trying any time soon.

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