Di nuovo Italiano

For me the words Italy and food cannot be separated so when I knew that I was meeting Chris and Ann for lunch I decided I couldn´t go far wrong by choosing somewhere typically Italian.

Even in the tourist resort of Los Cristianos, you can eat reasonably well, but you generally need to look beyond the passing-trade tat to eat half-decently. In my opinion, the rule of thumb is the closer you are to the seafront the worse it is likely to be, either quality or monetary wise. Of course, there are a few places that break the rule but there are also a lot that rely on the constant change of tourists and a new source of clientèle.

So, we three ladies found ourselves strolling along the Mirador Strip on a sunny Wednesday lunchtime and we seized our chance to find out whether we too could see the stardust that had been enthused over in the reviews on Tripadvisor for the Restaurante Locanda Italiana.

Initial impressions were of a remarkably stylish and airy space. (Even the loos have style!) We sat on the outside patio and the blinds were pulled over us so we were sheltered from the blistering sun, however the downside to this is that I didn´t make any allowances when taking photos so every dish is bright red (the colour of the awning).  I am therefore, cheating a little bit and have taken an image from the internet and two from a previous post of mine so readers can get a better impression of what we were sampling.


The menu is classic Italian, and we shared a large but simple focaccia with lean slices of prosciutto, and sliced tomatoes


This we followed with Spaghetti and seafood, the mussels looked plump and tasty. Annie said her tagliatelle with salmon and prawns was delicious and mine with chicken and mushroom was excellent too.  (I will put an internet image or an old one of mine next to those taken under the awning so you get the idea).

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On the food front you can argue that the dishes we sampled were almost too satisfying, not just by the size of the portions but the flavours however like Italians I don´t normally do lunch as a main meal so ended up leaving some of mine, which grieved as it was superb. The coffee was impressive but only Chris could manage the cheesecake but only after waiting a long time between courses.


Staff are friendly and helpful doing a pretty creditable job and they won’t throw you off the table if you’re enjoying a long meal, which we did for over 4 hours.

Based on our lunch, I think I can speak for all of us. It offered a good overall experience – what you love about Italy is here in this restaurant charm, warmth and friendliness of the Italians as well as their cuisine


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2 Responses to Di nuovo Italiano

  1. Annie says:

    Not a lot more I can add to Chrissies comment, so I’ll just 2nd it all. Lovely to meet you Meryl and Jim too. Already looking forward to the next time.

  2. ceejayblue says:

    This was the best way to spend an afternoon, in the company of my best friend Annie and my new best friend Meryl! As you say food was wonderful and the staff attentive, but not too attentive and the loos (always my benchmark to a good restaurant!) was modern and clean too (some we’d been in weren’t as nice LOL!). Exceptional food with exceptional people!

    It was so good to finally meet up with the person who got me into blogging! Meeting Jim was a pleasure too and hopefully we will all get together when we next come over. Hugs xxxx

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