Buon cibo, buon vino, buoni amici (Good Food, Good Wine, Good Friends)

Each week a group of friends meet in our local, The Treehouse and we have, on several occasions been lucky and won the Thursday quiz.  Rather than share out a few Euros each we dropped our winnings in a pot to go towards a meal. It was because of this lucky streak that our second outing eating Italian was a visit to Dolcetto.  We have been here several times and the food has always been excellent.  We met at the restaurant a little after 7.30, the delay being due to parking which can be horrendous in the narrow streets of Valle San Lorenzo. We hadn´t reserved a table but at that time of night any typically Spanish or Italian restaurants are almost empty and don’t become busy until after 9:30pm

Dolcetto is typically a family run, home-style cooking, moderately priced restaurant.  It is always a busy and buzzy spot – friendly and convivial so when we were deciding where to go for a night out we said if we were looking for a traditional Italian restaurant we would not go wrong here.


While we were deciding what to eat, we ordered a couple of plates of focaccia – without exception, the best I have tasted anywhere.  Some drizzled it with chilli oil but I enjoyed mine ‘straight’ just as it comes, covered in herbs.  For starters we had Camembert and Cranberry and a huge plate of Antipasto


Yet again, like Locanda the portions are impressive and a single starter is more than enough for two people.

We ordered our main courses, I can´t remember what they were as there were six of us and most had something different but Christine and I had the steak in mustard sauce.  Perhaps we’d have been a little more excited if our starter hadn´t been so outstanding, but looking around the table none of the main course dishes really scored a ‘wow’.  In fact Christine’s meat and mine (which I swear was pork and not beef) was very cold and the vegetables served in a slab just didn’t do it for us.

06-DSC03783 09-DSC03786

Our puddings were hit and miss, the panna cotta was superb whilst the tiramisu was dry.

10-DSC03787 11-DSC03788

We had a fun evening chatting for hours as the restaurant empty to start with, filled up and finally emptied again.  The waiter was in no rush to bring the bill until someone asked for ‘il conto’ or probably knowing our lot made the internationally known hand gesture of hand raised as if you are “signing your name in the air”.

We are now starting saving for our next night out courtesy of the Thursday quiz. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and had a pleasant-enough meal, but we couldn’t quite persuade ourselves it was in any way special. Ultimately it was no more than the sum of its slightly variable parts.

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  1. ceejayblue says:

    Somewhere for next time! Looks wonderful x

  2. WOW, it didn’t take you long to ‘earn’ enough to go out once more – well done.

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