Nutella Cheesecake

We had visitors coming to stay and I was stumped as to what to do for pudding.  Then a brainwave, chocolate cheesecake – problem, no chocolate in the house, but in the cupboard was a jar of Nutella.  OH had bought it knowing I liked chocolate but it was no substitute for munching a bar of Cadbury’s Whole Nut and was sitting on the shelf in the kitchen untouched.


250 grams digestive biscuits
75 grams butter
1 tablespoon Nutella

1 jar Nutella
500 grams cream cheese
60 grams icing sugar
½ tsp of Vanilla extract
2 fl oz of warm cream
3 sheets gelatine
Chopped toasted hazelnuts for decoration


Break the digestives into fine crumbs then melt the butter and the tablespoon of Nutella in a saucepan. Add the crumbs to the buttery mix and stir together.


Tip into a 23cm/9inch round spring form and press into the base using either your hands or the back of a spoon. Place in the fridge to chill.


Beat the cream cheese and icing sugar until smooth and then add the remaining Nutella to the mixture with a few drops of vanilla extract, and continue beating until combined.  Heat the cream to just below boiling and stir in the gelatine.  Once it has melted, add to the cream cheese/Nutella mixture.


Take the spring form out of the fridge and carefully smooth the Nutella mixture over the base and place the tin in the fridge overnight.




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