Boys and their Toys

1 openJust before Easter Jim visited the UK and I stayed at home with my girls. I knew with the family at work each day I would be bored with what he was planning to do and rather than spend hours either on my own or moaning about how uninterested I was it was better for him to visit alone. I must confess that these days I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in motorbikes, although in my youth I used to enjoy riding and loved the circuits such as Snetterton, Thruxton and Mallory Park, but now the excitement of the racing has long gone just looking at a piece of machinery means little to me.

I realise though from the posts he has added to the blog that there are quite a few people who read it that are interested in motorbikes (and possibly his other interest – TANKS!) so I am adding some of the images he took when he visited Sammy Millers Motorbike Museum as well as Bovington Tank Museum.

Firstly there are quite a few of images of makers’ names – in his study he has a montage of bike manufacturers and no doubt these will get added to it.

Having been to the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham (Yawn!) I have got to say that Sammy Millers appears to knocks spots off that which seems dull in comparison. Sammy’s Museum not only has a fantastic collection of the rarest and most interesting bikes in the UK, but also lots of motorcycle and motoring memorabilia.

The museum is split into several areas Racing Bikes and Racing Hall that includes Sammy’s 1957 250cc DOHC Mondial, which he raced to third on in the World Championships. Road Bike Hall that has a collection of prototypes and ingenious designs of bikes, from all over the world and Sports Bike Hall a collection of single, twin, triple, four, five and eight cylinder bikes in existence.

Sammy’s incredible collection of bikes have all been restored to beautiful condition, most look brand new. As there are no barriers you can get really close to inspect or take photos. There are new additions being donated to the collections so as OH says always something new to see. Even bits of engines, and crankshafts.

I do surmise though that he spent most of his time at the Norton collection that includes not only prototypes but also bikes from all ages. In his words, “It has to be the best museum in Britain”.

Now at the beginning I mentioned tanks, another of his loves, so while free to do his own thing, he was off to Bovington Tank Museum for what to him must have been a wonderful day and what would have bored me rigid.


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One Response to Boys and their Toys

  1. greyjake says:

    I do enjoy my visits to the museums and can’t understand OH’s lack of interest lol. I mean how can you not be impressed by a 500cc V8 Moto Guzzi! The tank museum at Bovington has been enlarged and improved tremendously over the years I have visited. Of course everything I ever worked on is now a museum piece. Next year I must get to the Brooklands museum.

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