Taurus Argentinean Steakhouse – Playa de las Americas

Like much of Tenerife Royal Gardens that has seen major refurbishment over recent months, this newcomer restaurant is formerly where the McGuiness Bar used to take up residence. It now looks a zillion times better than ever, having benefited from a notably elegant makeover.


Having read extremely mixed reviews, the acid test came when friends asked us to meet them at Taurus for a meal, so we were particularly interested to check it out.

We arrived early by Spanish standards at 7.00 pm on a Monday evening and there were only two couples seated on the outside terrace. This was set with numerous tables along the outside edge giving a nice view if you are into people watching.  It was a bit draughty but we could see they were in the process of adding “glass walls”.  The kitchen is sleek and shiny and the indoor restaurant with its neutral colours is clean and stylish rather than following the bold trend that most new restaurants are tending to choose.

Judging by the restaurant’s name Taurus… Argentinian… Steak … blah blah it is tempting to assume that it must offer something special on the meat front however the menu reads rather strangely. Its backbone is beef, but it incorporates a range of pasta dishes with the house speciality being a burger.  The starters were safe if uninspiring, our group had garlic prawns, which would have benefited from some bread to mop up the juices, a very ordinary tomato soup and four of us shared a focaccia.

Jim and I opted for the rib-eye steak in the hope that whilst expensive, the food matched our expectations of ‘Argentinean Beef’. Others in the group ordered the mixed grill, the burger and salmon. We followed with a variety of ice-cream based desserts.

When the food arrived, it was better than the menu had led us to expect. Everything – with the exception of a rather unremarkable focaccia was done very well. In fact, we came away thinking that we’d had one of the best steaks in a very long time.

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What impressed us most, however apart from a general feeling of efficiency was the service, the staff are not the young, cool Hispano types you might expect, but relatively mature with reasonable English. In the tourist resort of Las Americas that must be essential.  We had one miserable guy but the rest were pleasant and extremely professional.


But, inevitably, there is a rub. This isn’t a cheap restaurant, dinner for two could easily pass the €80 mark, with a nice wine possibly €100 so whilst not abominably expensive, they give nothing away. When our bill arrived, we noticed we had been overcharge for our drinks. None of us are big drinkers so the addition of several beers that we had not had was immediately noticeable.  There wasn´t a problem, it was promptly deducted from our bill but this was a criticism I had seen from previous reviewers of the restaurant.

By the time we came to leave the place both inside and outside was very busy, this remember was a Monday so later in the week I would assume you would have to reserve a table.  I just hope that they don´t make a habit of adding a few Euros on to each bill otherwise it will detract from what is a nice place for both holidaymakers and residents to visit.


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