Las Galletas – The other face of South of Tenerife

Almost 26 degrees and still early morning – Summer has arrived in Tenerife and the best place to be is somewhere near the coast where there is hopefully a cooling breeze to relieve the sweat that immediately runs down the back of your neck as soon as you do anything the least bit physical.


It is on mornings like this that we head for Las Galletas a favourite of ours, but you have to go either early in the day or in the evening as being a typical Spanish town the streets are almost deserted as it curls up its toes and goes to sleep during the hot afternoons.

One advantage of visiting in the morning is the fish market, the catch has been landed and as soon as it is gone, it’s gone and that’s it for another day.  However, you know even before choosing that whatever you pick will taste delicious.

We stroll slowly to the harbour and after chatting to Justin who owns Must Cat one of the best sea excursion companies in the area who are always happy to donate when my doggie charities need a luxury prize.  It’s still very hot and we decide we need a drink to cool down. We sit in the cafe overlooking the harbour where the numerous expensive boats sit side by side with the old fishing boats – an image that would inspire any artist to paint.


As the clock ticks around to lunch, there are only a handful of sunbathers on the beach their skins looking golden against the black sand. The breeze has now dropped and it’s going to be a long, hot summer.

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  1. missmoonpoppie says:

    You make me soooo homesick ……..( Tenerife feels like coming home , feels like home ….and I miss chattering with you !! ) xxx

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