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Logic says that if you are going to a restaurant it makes sense to know where it is and what it is called.  We ‘ladies wot lunch’ decided to go to a place recommended by friends Ben and Carol. Its name is Mary, Marie or maybe even Mari and we didn´t know where it was other than perhaps Las Galletas or Costa del Silencio.

We headed off from Palm Mar, ignoring Las Galletas and going straight across the roundabout and past the garden centre. When we arrived at the horrible junction instead of turning right to Silencio, I suggested we turn left towards Guargacho. I had a hazy recollection of Ben telling me about somewhere that had a pig painted on the wall.  It was one of those wave the hand in the air jobs out of the car window while saying ‘that’s where we found the great cake shop and butchers’ and I thought Mary’s.

We immediately found where we were going but the restaurant that was next to the butchers and bakers was a pizza place and nobody there had heard of Mary. We jumped back in the car did an about turn and headed towards Silencio.  Keeping our eyes scanned all the way we didn´t notice anywhere called Mary so we decided to take friends second recommendation and visit Lycos. As the name suggests it is a Greek restaurant.  Again we didn´t know exactly where it was but I vaguely recall seeing it so we parked the car by the floating figures in the fountain and headed towards El Chaparrals.

1-Costa-del-Silencio-Tenerife No problem found the restaurant and then discovered it was closed for a month’s holiday!  This wasn´t going to be one of our better outings

2-taverna-lycos Not to be daunted we headed back to the car and the smell of delicious food coming from Totem tempted us to stop and take a seat.  The tables on the terrace had quite a few people sitting at them.  The food we saw as we walked past looked good and when the waiter came, he was very pleasant.  I think someone said he was called Fábio and was from South America.

1-DSC04958 His English wasn´t great but then neither is our Spanish. We still managed to get by even to the point that he offered Linda a taste of the house wine to see if she was happy before she ordered. She enjoyed what was quite a good measure and ordered a glass to go with her meal, which was steak in mushroom sauce.  Hannan had the same sauce, Canarian potatoes and vegetables but with chicken and a soft drink.  I went for a salad that was a whole avocado, four slices of melon and a nice portion of prawns and a bottle of water.  My only criticism was too much lettuce but other than that all very fresh and exceptionally tasty.  We also had some hot bread with alioli (I saved mine to go with the salad – yum yum!)

2-DSC04959 3-DSC04960 The bill was €35.  Not the cheapest we have had but when you consider it included a large steak and two glasses of wine it was not extortionate.

The surroundings are not the greatest, there are lots of derelict premises close by but the restaurant has been there for years probably since the resort was built and is immaculate so fair dos to them.  I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending.

On our way home I spotted Mary – she is closed on Wednesdays so our journey could have easily been a waste of time if we hadn´t been so persistent.  The full name is Casa Mary and it is on the main road heading through Costa del Silencio towards Las Galletas and almost opposite the BP petrol station. Ah well! It just goes to show that some things are meant to be and we were destined on this occasion to try Totem.  Next time we may change our day and give Mary a whirl.

Once I knew the location, image taken from internet

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3 Responses to Totem – Costa del Silencio

  1. Carol says:

    Not been to this one Meryl looks nice though .Costa del Silencio seems to have some really nice restaurants x

  2. Lorna says:

    Have been in Mary’s a few times but only ever at night.
    The food has always been excellent . Costa de Silencio is somewhere we don’t know that well ,but must investigate next time.
    Excalibur in Capo Blanco would be one of our favourites ,although like Mary’s it’s more an evening dinner place as there’s not much in the way of outdoor seating and no aircon which I would imagine wouldn’t be great for this time of year!

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