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On Thursday morning, I decided to take a trip to Adeje town to visit the British Sausage & Burger Co’s shop.  I knew the product was good, as last week I had a home delivery of Pork and Apple and Pork and Stilton sausages, which were delicious.  I have also sampled the Lincolnshire and Cumberland as I was invited to a BBQ at the owner’s home before the shop opened. Whilst the people on that Sunday afternoon  didn´t all know each other, as a group they were similar in that the comments they made on the flavour, texture etc. of the food were honest and constructive rather than polite.  My OH, tried their ‘super burgers’ which he affirmed were exceptional and another guy Rob tucked into the chilli burgers.  He was warned not to smother this with chilli sauce and he looked rather dubious, as he said I have never had a chilli burger that doesn´t need sauce adding.  Well there is always the exception to the rule and sure enough, he declared “OMG they are so flavoursome you don´t need to add enhancements”.   Rob is now back in the UK and is still telling everyone how much he misses the taste of a ‘proper’ burger.

Anyway back to the shop.  I have noticed a few people saying they can´t find where it is located.  With my terrible sense of direction, I knew if I found it then it wasn´t as hard as some were making out.  Okay the Google map on the British Sausage & Burger website isn’t 100% accurate – it is like thousands of Google Maps, a bit out of date but it does show that the road is called La Vina and as it is a short road I don´t think anyone could get lost, not even me!

If you are driving, head right to the top of Adeje, and just before you reach the road that would take you up to Otello (the Chicken restaurant), take the turning with the canon on the corner and head back down towards town.  Halfway down on the right-hand side you will see a bar, El Cañon and the shop is directly next door.

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I was lucky to find a car parking spot opposite but I believe there is parking at the end of the road and also parking on the main road, Calle Castillo.

It was interesting speaking with Stu, who before moving to Tenerife was Head Chef in several high-end establishments in the South of England.  I asked him the best way to cook his sausages as I do mine in the oven.  He said that was fine but to add just a tiny drizzle of oil.  This is because NO FAT comes out.  The sausages no matter what other herbs or spices are added are all made from pure lean shoulder of pork. He is undecided as to whether to experiment by adding a tiny amount of belly pork to his mix but he will never resort to what many sausage makers do, which is use cheap cuts and a large slab fat plus bulking them with rusk.  I did ask why he wasn´t making chipolata sausages – I’ve tried but I’m not 100% happy with them was his reply.  It is because he is a perfectionist and at this time cannot get the correct skins that they are off the menu, but he is continuing to look for suppliers.  However his main criteria is that the products he purchases must be consistently good quality as what he is producing is an exact science and he is not prepared to compromise by incorrect measurements or inferior products.

He does not want to stick to just the basic sausages and has plans for many different flavours some exotic, some unusual and he is happy to take suggestions from potential customers who want to visit the Website and by completing the form he can see what your favourites are.

He also is happy to work with other ‘specialist’ companies whose products compliment his burgers and sausages.  If you produce chutneys or can supply freshly laid eggs, make your own cheeses or perhaps you are famed for making delicious hand-made game pies you should contact this young entrepreneur. Stuart is a nice personable young man, who is happy give customers the benefit of his knowledge both in making the fresh produce and in cooking in general.  I sound like his mum – but as you know I only have daughters not sons.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, I am looking forward to trying the tiny piece of Lorne I was gave to sample, as it is something I hadn’t heard of never mind tasted before. I also bought some Pork and Leek sausages which look divine.  Whoever would have guessed that in the land of cheap sausages and full English breakfasts there would be such a place where you can find the best of British.

Now I wonder could there be a market for chocolate flavoured sausages?

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