Restaurante Fortuna – Los Cristianos, Tenerife

When Suzanne a former neighbour came on holiday last week she told us she had had a lovely meal in Fortuna Nova in Los Cristianos.  I was surprised because when she lived here, like many ex-pats she rarely ate in the resorts.  As I had been tasked with the job of choosing the next restaurant for our quiz team treat I thought we might give this place a try.

We met at Christine’s house at 7.30 and when I said where, Peter twisted his face, I’ve eaten there and it’s not my favourite place – well what about El Gomero, oh no he said I don´t like eating with the police and taxi drivers.  Then Andrew piped up, our son and his friend often eat at Fortuna they swear by the lamb.

OK Peter you are outnumbered. So we head off and as we are going along inside the underground carpark, a voice says the restaurant is just about overhead.  No! said Jim it is out the far end – confusion reigned.  We parked up, and walked out heading to the Church Plaza, then down the pedestrianised side street Calle Juan XXIII.  Halfway down we saw Fortuna (no Nova).  Do you do lamb I asked – yes said the owner, our speciality and the best in town.  What about Fortuna Nova – that also belongs to us but is near the Culture Centre. So as nobody had actually eaten at this restaurant before we thought we would give it a try.

The above 3 images are taken from the internet and show where we ate, the owner of both restaurants and the one we originally thought we were going to which has a better outlook.

So back to eating in a side street – it wasn´t half bad, admittedly the view was far from exciting but it wasn´t boring as plenty of people wandered backwards and forwards. A couple of looky looky men stopped to chat and a holiday maker on the next table came to check out their ‘Rolex watches‘ He realised we actually knew these people so was happy to spend time bartering with them.  I don´t know whether he finished his deal as at that point our garlic bread arrived.

02-DSC04492Four of us ordered the half leg of lamb, @ €15, it came with mixed vegetables or red cabbage. Three had it with cabbage and one with vegetables.  One had fish of the day which was sea bass and came with salad and we had a selection of Canarian, boiled and roast potatoes with onions.  My only criticism is that the meal came with too much gravy, I like quite a dry plate. However it was cooked to perfection, fell off the bone and there was so much that nobody could eat it all so we each came home with a doggy bag. The only word is outstanding.

We had a couple of waters, one con and one sin gaz, a couple of beers and a bottle of wine. Everyone rounded of the meal with coffee in various guises.  I was told by the owner that the baraquito was yet again “the best in town” and it was excellent, we had two of those, an Irish coffee and a couple of cafe con leches.  The whole bill was under €115 which for the amount of food and the faultless service plus the four Baileys and a brandy which were on the house, we thought was excellent value.

09-DSC04501 08-DSC04500

It wasn´t quite where we expected to be eating, but I would have no hesitation in recommending it and by the number of people who came and went while we were there even a Monday night is very popular.

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  1. Edd Lorkins says:

    I have been going there for nearly 30 years, always my favourite and my sons.

    • Tonight we are all off to Sher E Punjab, again in Los Cristianos, we love it and have done for years, so would be interested to get your take on that one when I post the review 🙂

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