It’s a personal thing – Golf del Sur

When we decided we would like to live in Tenerife the first place we stayed was the Palms in Golf del Sur.  We thought it was lovely; we looked around and were impressed with the superbly maintained landscaped gardens and beautiful villas but the high winds and low flying aircraft put us off.  We decided that was not what we wanted and it got a black mark in the box of desirability.

Golf del Sur (15)

That first impression has stuck with us all these years and it is such a shame because we went recently to visit friends who were staying in the Santa Barbara and the whole of this area has been transformed.  What used to be just a one way system has been extended and you can now easily cross to Amarilla Golf.

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Don´t get me wrong, I have been to the Golf in the intervening years mainly around San Blas for a meal or drink and a walk along the seafront but usually in the direction of Los Abrigos. This time we left the Santa Barbara by the ‘back door’, which led straight onto the seafront walkway.  We headed in the direction of Amarilla Golf and the views were breathtaking.  I’m not a beach person so there being no beach is not a problem for me although some may find it off putting. There is however easy access to the sea and a few people were swimming on the day of our visit.

I was surprised at the number of restaurants along the short coastal strip.  There were certainly enough to satisfy most tastes, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Spanish and the one we stopped in a Pancake house where the staff were welcoming and nothing was too much trouble.

The views down to the harbour were lovely and during our 3 to 4 hours there I didn´t hear one single plane!  Previously I was of the opinion that those who lived there just said this to justify their choice of location – I couldn´t imagine anywhere in such a relatively small area that the planes could not be heard as when we first went they were coming in so low you could see in the windows!  However, I was wrong, it really must depend on your location in the Golf or perhaps on the wind direction. There was still a breeze but on that particular day, it was welcoming because although the day had started overcast the heat was stifling.  In all senses it turned into the perfect setting on that occasion.

I don´t think my preferences have changed over the years I just think I hadn´t learnt enough about the Golf and assumed the whole was the same as the small part I had experienced.  A bit like peoples’ perceptions of Tenerife when they think the whole island is summed up by Veronicas.  I really should have known better. 


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6 Responses to It’s a personal thing – Golf del Sur

  1. Annie says:

    Ah the memories. Even better to look back at a lovely holiday on a rainy Bank Holiday Monday in the UK. It was lovely here, but as Chrissie says a little quiet for us. I did buy a lovely handbag I remember! And the planes weren’t a problem for us as I have a grandson who wants to be a pilot and being so low I got some excellent pictures for him 😉

    • ceejayblue says:

      Don’t forget I need your pics from this year’s holiday lol! Got an album on the go on Huggler and need some of your pics to mix in with mine 🙂

  2. Denise Hutchings says:

    We live on The Palms & find it very noisy with the aircraft.We also love the complex it’s gardens & pools.We are looking to move later this year but where to.Red Queen did you move to a quiet area or somewhere busier?

  3. Bill Barton says:

    Winter in the Golf is quite frustrating though ,it seems to have its own sub climate ,some days we would look out the door and it would be overcast and windy but L, C.s would be clear blue and sunny, we used to say it was a cloud magnet, we have had many happy months on the Golf but as it was a wee bit chilly this year we decided to return to Los Cristianos next year, we loved the Lava café ,one of the girls was Cypriot and the other a Scot ,both lovely and helpful

  4. ceejayblue says:

    Annie and I stayed at Sunningdale Village at Golf Del Sur when we first visited Tenerife and there were a lot of planes going over, but we knew that was going to happen and for us it wasn’t an issue. We loved Sunningdale and walked around the area a few times and we did enjoy our time there, but for us, we really liked this year when we stayed at Paloma Beach and were more in the centre of things.

    We did get the bus into LC and PDLA most days and ate in the resort restaurant most nights (food was amazing) so didn’t really try anywhere else. Its possible that we would go back to Golf Del Sur but for us it was a bit quiet and we like the buzz of LC and PDLA.

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