What’s on offer in Los Cristianos

Many say Los Cristianos is quiet, too quiet especially at night. Well in a sense that is true, it doesn’t attract the party crowd you find in Ibiza, Mykonos or Ayia Napa. You won´t find any drunken yobs urinating and vomiting in doorways or booze binge fights taking place, you won’t have dance music pounding in your ears or the place messed up with discarded takeaway food. That sort of activity is left to those who prefer the clubbing area of Las Americas.

Los Cristianos is more the sort of place where culture and folklore coexists with what a certain type of holidaymaker seeks in an established resort – tradition without the tat. It is more suited to families, those of more mature years and those who consider they have more refined and discriminating tastes. Of course, there are plenty of bars that have popular entertainment and umpteen restaurants that cater for all palates  and whilst there is no full in your face, aggressive partying there is always something going on albeit usually of a traditional nature.

Take this week – I knew that over the past few days Cultur Joven was in full swing. This is a project to keep the young amused with different sports, cultural and artistic activities as well as dance competitions and music concerts. It makes them realise there is more to life than to spend their time watching TV or mixing with the ‘wrong crowd’  and it seems successful as over 50 kids joined in the Break Dance competition earlier in the week.

Last night, X-Factor started and Jim wanting an excuse to escape (he hates these type of shows) so he took the girls for a walk in town. I asked him to take the camera and go to the old harbour as there was a fish fair going on.

He said as soon as he entered town he could tell it was very busy after another scorching day. He went to the beach area first all bedecked with bunting and took a nice picture of some boats moored up, before heading to the harbour. Sure enough, Feria del Pescador had arrived. This is a lead into the Virgen del Carmen celebrations to honour the patron saint of fishermen and is running in Muelle Viejo, Plaza de La Pescadora and the Culture Centre from the end of August to 7th September (for anyone wanting to go along)

05-DSC04588It is the second time this has happened thanks to a grant from the European Fisheries Fund to help finance “Sustainable Development of Fisheries Areas”.  The idea of the fair is to illustrate the history and lifestyle of the industry that gives Los Cristianos its unique character.  As well as exhibitions, (there were photos of the catches being landed, charts showing the different fish and models of fishing boats) the Los Cristianos fishermen offer the public the opportunity to taste their catch.

By the time Jim and the girls got there the air was filled with smoke and the intoxicating smell from what look like large paella pans used to cook the freshly caught fish, mainly tuna, bonito, sardines and mackerel. Many of the visitors had noticed the cooking area and the queue stretched back a fair way along the port. Unfortunately, our girls hated the crowds and Caña slipped her lead so instead of them all getting a tasty nugget they retreated to the edge of the beach where a stage had been set up and traditional musicians were in full swing.

Jim apologises for the quality of the photos, they were mostly taken with one hand while the other was used to carry a frightened dog. Still he said it was a wonderful way to spend a summers evening and as there is always room for another celebration it won´t be long until the next one – In fact probably tonight as X-Factor is on again!



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  1. ceejayblue says:

    Looks like a great time in Los Cristianos. I like its atmosphere, friendly, reassuring and lots of different bars and restaurants to sit and people watch, whatever the time of day.

  2. Denise Hutchings says:

    Do you know what day the fireworks are for the fisherman thank you

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