The Funfair

Another attempt at just putting pen to paper or should that be fingers to keyboard which I find hard to do but I’m determined to persevere. 

The night is cool but dry when I approach the fairground.  Just walking towards it is a thrill – one that builds with every step as my expectations and the sheer suspense of it all reach a peak.

Before I actually see it, the sounds begin to pour through the air and laser lights illuminate the sky making the clouds seem unearthly and weird. The first thing to assail me as I walk though the entrance is the glorious smell unique to funfairs: a mixture of fried onions, candyfloss, toffee apples and diesel fumes!  Then the sounds – piercing screams of happiness, the revving sounds of rides preparing to zoom away, music booming.

The ground is crowded, full of life, everyone laughing and smiling.  Eager children, tug their parent’s arms as they queue for the Helter-skelter and receive a mat before rushing up the stairs to slide down, only to return, queue again and repeat the experience. Panting, ponies aimlessly drift around the multi-coloured merry-go-round making the riders dizzy with delight. The bright lights pierce through gaps between rides and children are momentarily blinded.  The cacophony of sounds is almost deafening and the queues around the main stalls, form a snake so people can get past.

I hear screams from the Ghost Train, which is clearly being enjoyed by the daredevil groups of teenage boys determined to frighten their girl friends. To the right standing on the corner of the Bumper cars is a tall boy, with dark spiky hair and big brown eyes. He is wearing ripped jeans and an old top and looks bored as he takes money so people can bump, bang and crash as their cars hit each other.

Trapped by cold, steel bars people are locked into rides and pushed against the hard, chipped plastic seats. On the rollercoaster, a young girl screams and whoops at the top of the precipice, her best friend in the seat behind looks slightly green and is ready to go home.

Spinning faster and faster, the waltzers occupants scream hysterically. As the ride explodes with noise, the operator yawns and throws a lever then, climax over, it slows and stops and the flushed people get off the ride. A group of teenagers huddled to the side don’t seem impressed, their faces bored and pale.  One smokes a cigarette whilst another gulps a can of lager, crushes it beneath his foot and lobs it over the heads of the unsuspecting crowd.

Over at the hook a duck stall, prizes are going like hot cakes.  A small child is delighted as he hugs his new novelty bear while one boy, who is less successful chasing a plastic duck that constantly drifts away lazily to the other side of the pond stomps off saying the game is fixed.

Looking round, everyone seemed to be engulfed by the magic we were going to have the time of our lives.

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