Real Turkish Delight

I unabashedly love Turkish Delight. I don´t mean the chocolate covered stuff you get from Fry’s that conjures up images of deserts and harems and men on horseback waving scimitars.  I mean the real McCoy and after first discovering it many years ago, I was hooked.

The origin of Turkish Delight dates back to the Ottoman Empire and is one of the oldest known confectionaries in the world. In an attempt to please his many wives, a famous Sultan ordered his confectioner to create something ‘special’. Eager to please, the confectioner blended a concoction of sugar syrup, various flavourings, nuts and dried fruits then bound them together with gum Arabic and a tasty mouth-watering sweet emerged. The Sultan was so delighted he said a plate of Turkish Delight had to be served at all celebrations in the Ottoman court.


Today, Turkish Delight is the sweet of choice in many Turkish homes. The subtle flavours compliment coffee and sweeten the breath at the end of a meal. Sweet, chewy exoticness in a box.  Needless to say, we bought several boxes.

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  1. missmoonpoppie says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm………………..I love the real thing !!! xx

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