Troy – Yes, It Does Exist but where the heck is it?

I’d always thought Troy of Homer’s Iliad, Helen, the Trojan Horse and Brad Pitt fame was in Greece, I didn’t know that it was in Turkey. Fortunately I wasn´t alone and several in our tour group didn´t know it is in Turkey either. That was a bit of a relief as most appeared to be highly intelligent (unlike the person who was looking for a Vietnam Vet in Gallipoli!) and I didn´t want to appear to be the only dumb cluck.

This was the first visit where we used our ‘Whispers’ (walkie talkies) so even when wandering off we could receive information.  It was a nice visit but didn´t take too long, as there aren’t a lot of archaeological “wow” moments as Troy lacks many of the grandiose columns and buildings of ruins like Ephesus and is mostly the remains of stone walls.

It’s not easy to make sense of because it is made up of cities on top of cities, so the levels start at the bottom and work their way to the top.  Often a city was destroyed and a new city would be built in the same place. What you end up with is the first city Troy I, then subsequent cities that are numbered up to Troy IX.  I found it quite confusing even trying to follow the map makes my head spin.

Troy (5)

Was it worth the visit, IMO it was, a place so famous well you just have to go to say  ‘I have been there!’ even if there is not that much around and the giant wooden horse out the front – a replica of course, is good for the tourist photo-shoots.

Troy (13)

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