Updating, Tweaking and Generally Faffing Around.

As a couple of people have already noticed, I have been updating the pages that sit just below the header at the top of this blog.  I decided rather than bore everyone with my holiday snaps, I would give them a section of their own so anyone interested could brows and they wouldn’t get in the way for anyone who just wanted to read.  You will find these under the Gallery heading.  I only have a few places listed at the moment, but a couple are broken into sub-sections. I am also adding to this as I tidy up my laptop and delete or archive old holiday snaps.

I have also added and expanded the Just Tenerife page as I am asked on a daily basis questions about the island, so for me this was an easy way to guide people with queries to specific links.

Recipes and Restaurant Reviews are updated usually when I remember but every once in a while I have a twinge of conscience and do a mass update.  They do now though have nice header pictures 🙂

Do have a nosey around, if you feel anything needs adding your suggestions are always welcome.

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