Stands Out from the Crowd, No-Nonsense Buena Paella

We were excited when we heard that Buena Paella had moved to Los Cristianos. It used to be located in Puerto Colon and called the Vista del Mare.  When there, it overlooked the sea and served quality food at unbelievably cheap prices.  It is the sister company of the ever popular tourist restaurant Gran Paella Valenciana although the Vista was always my preferred choice when eating in the area.

We were meeting friends who were staying in Los Cristianos for an evening meal and had already decided that we didn´t want anything elaborate, just good wholesome food.  I had my fingers crossed that the new restaurant would fit the bill as I had previously checked that it was the Puerto Colon restaurant and that the staff, the chef, the menu and even the prices were still the same.

It is still early days at this location and word must not have spread about its reputation, as when we arrived it was busy but not totally packed.  Even though I had only been there the previous evening to book the table, we were welcomed like old friends and regular diners.

The menus we were given are extensive and we asked was it possible to have the garlic prawns that were listed as a starter as a main course served with bread.  Of course! came the reply.  We then changed our minds after the tangy sea smell of fish ’n’ chips wafted past us to the next table.  Nele said I’ll have those, little realising the size of the portion. When her meal arrived it was two large pieces of fish, a better than average salad and chips.  Karel opted for the half shoulder of lamb which is a speciality and pretty good it was too, cooked perfectly and with a robust flavour, it came with mixed vegetables (I can’t be certain but to me these looked as if they may have been frozen) but he said they were good.  OH and I went for the chicken breast, the nice hand-cut chips made a good accompaniment and I enjoyed the salad but Jim doesn’t do ‘rabbit food’!  We washed this down with two glasses of wine, two bottles of water and rounded off with four coffees.

When the bill arrived, €32 Karel said quick pay and run, because they haven’t charged for everyone.  They found the prices and the quality unbelievable when compared to what they would have to pay at home.  Meeting them later in the week they said that although they had eaten at some really nice places the meal at Buena Paella was the best they had had so far on their holiday.

To sum up, the setting might be unpretentious but it is comfortable, this is, surpassed however, by the tastiest of solidly fare, served by a great team at excellent prices, and whether you are on a budget or not it is, IMO well worth a visit.

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2 Responses to Stands Out from the Crowd, No-Nonsense Buena Paella

  1. Nina says:

    Can you specify where this is in Los Cristianos please.

    • Hello Nina, If you know Los Cristianos, there the taxi rank near the Comodoro Hotel the road goes down towards the Arona Gran Hotel (where the old Sunday Market used to be held). Opposite the old market site is a row of shops, bars and cafes and the Buena Paella is the last restaurant in that strip. To get to it pass Desperate Dan’s and Big Ben etc.

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