The devil is in the detail – Review of 2014’s blogs

I don´t go in for number crunching, I was not good at it when I was at school and still find it confusing as well as boring.  OH, however is a very different ‘kettle of fish’.  He has spent the past hour looking through the annual report prepared by the stats monkeys at who have emailed me a personalised report detailing how both this and Queenie’s blog did in 2014.  After the umpteenth mumble of fascinating stuff, I asked him what it was all about….

Of course I knew that this blog had been viewed over half a million times since I started it back in October 2010, which is amazing as it really is something I started on a whim and I do it purely for the pleasure it gives me. However the numbers have been steadily rising and  apparently over the course of 2014 this blog was viewed about 180,000 times, which is an average of 500 views a day. As Madison Square Garden can seat 20,000 people for a concert that means I would have sold out 9 times.  Queenie by comparison is a newcomer which I didn’t start until 25th January 2013 and that is viewed about 325 times a day or approx 120,000 times throughout last year.

Red Queen’s busiest day was June 14th with 984 views, whilst Queenie’s busiest day of the year was June 27th with 2,668 views.  It’s enough to make you think someone has their fingers on the wrong number keys.

The most popular post have been  :
Siam Park – Costa Adeje, Tenerife  28,672 – WordPress stats experts suggest as this was written before 2014. “Your writing has staying power! Consider writing about those topics again.”
Just Tenerife  11,935
Restaurant Reviews  8,362

Queenie’s blog is a bit different, the most popular post has been The Tenerife Chupacabra read by 26,632 people but as I said from day one on this blog, Most of the information will come from websites, newspapers and other fora and that information will not be mine, so recognition on this particular article should go to Marc Craig.

The daily weather posts average approximately 100 viewings each day.


And where do the viewers come from? Well that would be some 157 countries the most popular being U.K. with Spain, Germany and The United States not far behind, but there are also countries I have not heard of such as Northern Mariana Islands and Burundi.

So as I said in an earlier post, thank you whoever you are and from wherever you are located for reading my little ramblings I am very grateful.

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  1. Annie says:

    Your facts and figures speak for themselves. Your blog is interesting informative and fun to read. I never tire of anything you have to write! Wishing you and Jim and very Happy Healthy 2015 and look forward to meeting up – if not this year, then the next. Keep blogging xx

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