Las Rebajas – Winter Sales in Tenerife


As the winter sales draw to a close, I usually wait until now to visit. I am not into extreme sports and that is how it feels surrounded by the chaos as people push and shove in an effort to bag a bargain when the shops first open their doors. That aside, I still need to buy stuff and with the opportunity to stretch those pennies a bit further I dig them out from under the mattress and head to the shops in the hope that if I look hard enough, I can spot a good deal. Theoretically as most designer and mainstream stores participate in the sales there should be plenty of opportunities to grab goods at bargain-basement prices.

Even with the temptation of a deal to be had, I feel it’s important to have a plan of attack before leaving home, so time isn’t wasted wandering around aimlessly. Realistically I should visit the shopping centres closest to home, the first being the Safari Centre in Las Americas but even in the sales it is relatively expensive when compared to others further afield. Gran Sur should be another port of call but with so many shops empty it is a miserable experience and these days I don’t even contemplate looking in Plaza del Duque.  Sales or no sales it is depressing to know that absolutely nothing is within my budget, even a cup of coffee is more expensive than anywhere else I know.

It is therefore inevitable that if we are to visit the sales we have to head towards the capital for what we believe is the best shopping.  We bypassed the Carrefour CC even though there is a large Zara (one of my favourite stores) and a nice selection of shoe shops, in fact you can get most things you are looking for there.  I don´t even consider CC Meridiano despite lots of people raving over it because it has a Primark it isn´t my ‘cup of tea’.

For me it has to be CC Alcampo, of French supermarket fame. There is a large selection of shops and plenty of retailers willing to squeeze their profit margins to get the last few people through their doors. I love Cortefiel and within 10 minutes of me flicking along their rails, I nabbed a jacked reduced from €175 down to €35.  OH, bought a shirt and a cashmere sweater totalling just under €40 for the pair, so we felt our day was made even if we didn´t buy anything else.

taken from internet

taken from internet

This wasn´t quite the case I had a look in Pimkie and found two sweaters buy one for €8 get a second for €1, so with two different colours I grabbed these.  Being of a ‘certain age’, I miss C&A, which ceased trading in the UK around the millennium. We therefore had a quick look, I usually manage to find something I like, even at full price, there are bargains, but on this occasion despite the generous reductions, nothing caught my eye, or perhaps I was by now just all shopped out.

After a coffee and dusting myself down we started anew with IKEA and Leroy Merlin.  We checked out lots of things that were reduced but nothing that we actually needed or wanted, except some Christmas lights – there is nothing like planning ahead and an automatic watering system for the garden reduced to under €20.

All in despite leaving the sunny south and being met with a damp and chilly north of the island, Saturday turn out to be a satisfying and rewarding day and hadn´t cost us the proverbial arm and a leg.

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4 Responses to Las Rebajas – Winter Sales in Tenerife

  1. fred brown says:

    Lovely to read your comments.Will be coming to Los christ. again in November, cant wait. (Victoria 2)When you dont know very well the area, when you say Gran sur. Alcampo. etc we just dont know were they are. Is there any chance of marking them on a map, or indicating there position?

    • Hi Fred, Alcampo is on your way to the north of the island at La Laguna an easy journey if you have a car but I would imagine a pain if you had to rely on public transport. Gran Sur is in the south at the Torviscas/Fañabe junction of the TF1 heading towards Adeje. You pass Siam Park and the the Aquapark then you will see it a large complex on the right 🙂

  2. Guy says:

    Hello, it is obviously a long time since you visited Gran Sur, because there is only 1 shop empty at the moment and it does not look miserable at all. It is a nice shopping area.

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