Pollo al Adeje – Los Cristianos, Tenerife

From the get-go let me say that we were meeting friends some old and some new and I was distracted and forgot to take my camera with me so all of the images are taken from the internet.  Once I say where we went, you will see that they are very familiar dishes so it wasn´t the end of the world that I didn´t take them myself.

The place I chose was Pollo al Adeje – not the one in Adeje or even the one in Buzanada but a new one that has opened in Los Cristianos, close to the old Sunday Market site and on the upper level of the small Bahia de los Cristianos CC.

Jim booked the table a couple of days beforehand and said we weren´t sure of our numbers, they could be between seven and eleven. This didn´t present a problem and when we arrived, a table was set for nine people. As it turned out there were exactly nine of us as one couple were returning home the next morning so needed an early start.

As said above the place is new, having only been opened before Christmas but if you have been to Adeje Chicken it all seems very familiar.  Even if you have no Spanish, don´t worry about understanding the menu it is not complicated. In fact there is only one menu composed of, bread and garlic butter, a large bowl of salad, fried chicken either plain or spicy and potatoes either Canario or chips.

There is no pretentions that this place is any different to the others or that it is anything other than what the name suggests, a place that sells ‘chicken’.  The tablecloths are paper, the kitchen is immaculate, the staff are pleasant and the chicken is succulent, the pieces being a good size. For me the only disappointment was that the chips were not homemade but hey whilst I would not rave over it, for the reasonable prices charged it is good value if unremarkable.

So if you are looking for somewhere pleasant to spend an evening and eat Spanish style chicken and don´t want to travel to the villages, then try this place.  I am sure it will be around for a long while as they are following the same formula as the other branches.


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  1. Carol says:

    I missed this one 😦 looks lovely but can never understand good restaurants that use frozen chips !
    Ok for McDonald’s & fast food outlets but restaurants a definite no no .

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