The King and I – Los Cristianos, Tenerife

There are plenty of slightly glitzy Thai establishment to choose from but I was assured by reading reviews from the loyal fan club on Tripadvisor that the food at the King and I was superb, authentic and tasty.  I had to take their word, as I am no expert, having always assumed that it would be too highly spiced for my taste.  However, when Carol and Ben who are hard-core fans insisted the fare is truly awesome we naturally agreed to joined them.

Jim and I were the first to arrive at the relaunched, under unchanged ownership, restaurant in the San Telmo area of Los Cristianos. Although quite small during the course of the evening, every table was filled one of them twice, which is unusual for mid-week and slightly away from the main tourist drag.

We were greeted by the unwaveringly friendly Poon who was thrilled to know who we were meeting and already had an idea of what friends order for the evening was likely to be.  Once hugs and kisses were out of the way, we ordered drinks and then confessed we were Thai virgins.  No problem was the response; all dishes can be served as mild or as spicy as you prefer, we flavour each dish individually and will not frighten you away with anything too hot.

For starters, we were steered to the mixed platter, which seemed a good place to try a range of tastes.  This we shared and it consisted of crab cakes, spring rolls, satay chicken and some sort of crispy wonton.  Don´t quote me on what exactly we were eating just let it be enough to say that each bite hit the spot.  Ben went for some creamy soup, which I tried, OMG this certainly delivered a chilli kick but then he had asked for it.  Carol went for some prawn type warm salad that looked good and fresh and the prawns were huge.

If you haven’t tried Thai food before, it is nice to find staff that understand and will recommend accordingly. It was suggested I try the sweet and sour chicken, which is flavoursome rather than hot and Jim went for the special celebratory duck. When it arrived it looked impressive and was very definitely not the dried-out shreds so typically found in many places, he was also advised not to eat the dried black chillies but these were easy to identify and flick to one-side.  Carol again went for prawns this time with lychees and Ben had some concoction that looked as if it contained every item imaginable.  Again, I had a spoonful but that wasn´t really to my taste.

When we finally got around to puddings, I was far too stuffed but the boys ordered the fried banana and what I thought would be a heavy mango flan.  Oh, how I wish I had ordered one of those, it was light, creamy and delicious…. you guessed I sampled that too.  Good job we were eating with really good friends!!

I can´t tell you how much the meal was because Ben picked up the bill as a treat however looking at individual dishes I don´t think they were overly pricy.  Perhaps around €12 – €15 for a main course but that really is only guesswork.

So what is the result – both Jim and I are converts.  We had a wonderful evening, the food was outstanding and I would have no hesitation in recommending this special restaurant to friends.


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  1. Carol says:

    Just seen this review lovely evening with great food friendly staff & a perfect owner x

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