Cloud Nine – Los Cristianos, Tenerife

It has been a long time since I was pampered in Tenerife.  I used to have Mel come to the house once a month and we would spend hours chatting while having manicures and pedicures, but since she returned to the UK I haven´t really bothered.

When I was in the UK in October before my holidays to Turkey and then again when I returned at Christmas I went with Kate to a salon in Camberley.  My nails looked fabulous and it was only after I came home and my shellac finally came off that I thought, what the hell, you like it when it is done so find someone local to do it.

When Suzanne lived next door to me she used to swear by Liz who owned Cloud Nine in Los Cristianos.  If Suzanne, who loves the best of everything, thought this was a good salon then who was I to argue.

I made my appointment and when I arrived everyone was really friendly.  There was none of this stuck up, what is an oldun  like you doing here, sort of feel that some places have (I think perhaps that is what put me off spoiling myself for so long). Instead there was a good mix of people coming and going throughout the course of my treatment and there were even some older than me.  Most were regulars but all chatted away happily and the whole experience was ‘comfortable and relaxing’.

I was a bit embarrassed by my hands as my nails were brittle and very short, but I indulged in some special treatment that will strengthen them.  I also chose a pale polish rather than a dark one which is what I would usually go for, at least until they grow.

My toes and fingers are now in superb condition and I feel like a million dollars so have decided that this is going to be a regular pampering session where I come out not only looking good but enjoying a couple of hours relaxation and friendly chat.


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