What to do when the sun don´t shine in Tenerife

The past few days have shown that even in the south of Tenerife we do get a winter.  Whilst it may not always be wet, it has of late been overcast and decidedly cold.

It is fine for those of us who live here; we huddle indoors, turn on the telly and stick our feet on a hairy dog to keep warm.

But what about the tourist? What actually is there to do when you can´t spend your days lazing around the beach or hotel swimming pool and most of the attractions and excursions rely on you being outdoors?

If you look on places like Tripadviser, you always get the ones that say there are plenty of bars to keep you amused, but if you are not into continual drinking or have a family in tow then what else is there. I have been having a think for the last two days and can´t think of much at all.

The first thing that springs to mind is the cinema and Gran Sur multiplex usually have one original version movie each month (fortunately that is normally English language).  Now whilst I am not normally into the movies I must admit that seeing the trailer for the current one Into the Woods, I am quite tempted to pop along at 5.30 and give it a whirl.  I think going to the cinema in Tenerife is cheaper than the UK, here tickets are between €6.50 and €7.00 for original version but there are reductions for students and seniors and kids under 3 are free.  There is also, what is called Spectator’s day when tickets are just €4 this is normally a Thursday.

There is also a 4 screen cinema in Las Americas at the Zentral Centre, they sometimes show Original Version films but not as often as Gran Sur.  However if you would like your kids to learn Spanish there are some fun films this week such as Sponge Bob, Annie and Paddington you can get the info HERE and generally these themes are so well known language is irrelevant.

We used to go with friends to Megabowl in Fañabe on an afternoon for a spot of Ten Pin Bowling.  I don´t know if that is cool or not perhaps it is just giving my age away, but as oldies we enjoyed it.  It was also a cheap afternoon especially if like us there is a group of you who are rubbish and therefore the game lasts longer than those who are ace as we spent a lot of time giggling.

There are generally exhibitions in Los Cristianos Culture Centre and at the moment with Carnival around the corner, there is a lot going on with organising the competitions for the Carnival Queens both children, adult and Drag.

Should there be a dry spell then you can catch one of the free concerts that is part of FIMA, the International Music Festival of Arona 2015.  But many are outside so you will have to pick your moment or wrap up warm.

If you do have wheels or are happy to take the bus then there is until the end of the month an exhibition by Polish artist Dorota Bierzynska expressing his love for the islands through his paintings.  It is called “My Island My Land” and can be seen at the Centro Cultural de Las Galletas.  It won´t take long but Las Galletas is a nice town and there are plenty of restaurants where you can join the locals for a coffee or a spot of lunch.

And last but not least, shopping, there are numerous places to shop until you drop but overall when the sun don´t shine sadly I think there are better places than Tenerife to spend your time.

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  1. Linda Richards says:

    Thank you for a very helpful site – full of great ideas and useful information. I am coming to Los Christianos for 3 weeks from April 26th and have book marked your site to take with me.

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