Cool Dudes Drink Craft Beer in Los Cristianos

Wandering through Los Cristianos, I noticed a new shop.  Well it is new to me but then I have been known to wander around with my eyes shut or probably so busy chatting that I totally miss what is to hand.

So to get back to the shop, ordinarily I would not be the least bit interested except the exterior looked appealing and invited you to walk in and nose around the shelves. These shelves were backed by warm wood, hinted at natural produce and you could tell just by looking that they were set out to attract customers with a more discerning palate and interested in trying new flavours rather than a product that is aggressively pitched.


Beer Shooter is a specialist beer emporium offering 250 craft beers from around the world including Belgium, Germany, America, Switzerland and England.

Needless to say I had no idea what a craft beer was but learnt it comes from small factories or micro-breweries that pay the utmost attention to the detail of brewing which ensures the highest quality and because the quantities are quite small, much of the process is done by hand so producing a quality beer. The beers have no preservatives or antioxidants added (whatever they may be).

As I said I don´t drink but I did like the bottles and some of the names were very tempting such as double malt, black chocolate and Pêche Mel Bush, sounds like a pudding in a bottle!  I like the idea that and craft beer drinkers differentiate themselves from traditional beer drinkers on the basis of taste and flavour and I could almost be tempted to give a few a try.

I hope the novel enterprise grabs the attention of both tourists and locals as it is nothing like the beer shelves in the supermarkets that put quantity over quality and this new venture is taking a totally different approach by offering the consumer a decent quality beer at a very reasonable price.

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  1. Jennie Davies says:

    Where abouts in Los Cristianos is this shop Red Queen? 🙂 btw loving your blog 🙂

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