Folelé – A Family Affair – Los Cristianos, Tenerife

Walking through Los Cristianos a short while ago I spotted what I thought was a new restaurant near the harbour at Plaza Pescadora. Being my usual nosy self, I sauntered up, looked at the menu and realised everything on it was Canarian! There was no sign of the customary chicken, chips and salad, or pizza and pasta that many tourists crave and naturally, a large number of restaurants are happy to serve up.  Folelé was the real thing, the menu was filled with genuine Canarian food such as Ropa Vieja or goat stew and for those who enjoy a tipple with their food, meals can be washed down with a fine selection of Canarian wines.

As the waiter was setting up tables for the lunchtime rush, I asked if I could take photos then said to him

“Are you new?
“No, we have been there three years in March” he said.

How embarrassing, I felt myself blushing so let him think I was a tourist so didn´t know the area. Instead, the reality is I must have walked past hundreds of times and never noticed the restaurant. It is located next-door to Subway, so I probably assumed it was more of the same. (Well that’s my excuse).

Jim and I wandered inside and spoke with what turned out to be the owner and his family.  The owners, brother and sister are from La Gomera, the head chef is the son and mother and father help with the cooking of the mojos and the papas arrugadas, a real family affair.

There is a small section to the rear of the simple but stylish restaurant where you can buy local Canarian produce such as honey, gofio and mojos.

There are those who criticise the southern resorts as having nothing authentic or traditional to offer. It shows they either don´t know what they are talking about or resent the popularity of the south. Los Cristianos has as much authenticity as the north if you know where to look.  And, as a local if I can miss it then tourists need to be pointed in the right direction.  Therefore, to make up for my lack of observation, I will be eating in Folelé in the near future and telling everyone about it.

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  1. John Hall says:

    This is good news. We used to have a “Canarian” restaurant in Callao (on the main road heading towards Playa San Juan) which we really enjoyed but it closed some five/six years ago. We will try this one, M.

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