La Pasión de Cristo in Adeje – Tenerife

While Easter week is celebrated across Tenerife, some fiestas are particularly well known for their uniqueness.

Every year since  1999, the town of Adeje re-enacts the last days of the life and passion of Jesus Christ on Good Friday.  It is an event that is not only special, but defines Adeje’s roots and history. Hundreds of people come from all corners of the island, their numbers swollen by tourists who have heard of the event and flock to the town to see the spectacle.  It makes no difference whether you are religious or not, this stunning piece of street theatre attracts in the region of 25,000 people each year.

We were lucky to get a good spot, but once you have found it,  don’t think of moving, as it will be quickly filled.  For those less fortunate and who don´t get a good view there are huge screens in the plaza and a sound system that carries right across the town as the whole event is televised.

The attention to detail is impeccable all road signs, lampposts and street crossings are covered in sawdust and disguised by leaves so you feel you have stepped back in time to Jerusalem.  The backdrop of mountains and the gentle swaying of the palm trees add to the illusion and so the stage is set.

From the moment the first tableau springs to life with The Last Supper, everyone is spellbound.  Cameras click furiously as Jesus is betrayed, the mob take him to Pontius Pilate, he is flogged and crowned with thorns then paraded through the streets by the Roman centurions, carrying his cross to the point of crucifixion.

The power and realism are graphic every cry of pain felt by the sombre silent crowds.  The climax draws gasps as well as tears as the cross is raised high and Christ looks down on the crowd below.

The whole procession takes around two hours and is extremely moving but well worth a couple of hours of anyone’s time.


And for anyone who missed it, the following was recorded yesterday by the Ayuntamiento. There are a few interviews with the main characters first and then the ‘action’ starts at around the 19/20 minute mark.


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