K9 April Newsletter

For more than 20 years, we have been helping the abandoned animals in Tenerife with food, shelter, and veterinary care. Dogs come and go all the time, and among those rehomed recently have been Luca and Judith. Luca flew to Belgium to start his new life and Judith has found a home on the island. For those who remember the 3 puppies that arrive in November, this is Boba, she is now called Jade, all grown up, and has come back to be neutered. We wish them all lots of happiness in their new homes.

If you are looking for a dog, come and visit us, we have an ever-changing family, and will find the best dog for you. That might be Glen a loving little boy. He is very skinny and needs building up, but he will make a great companion. We also have four puppies that will be medium to big dogs. They are 4 months old, and with a little training, will soon become civilized members of your household. They are all good with children and cats and we would like to find homes for them before they get any older.


We have no support other than raising funds with the public’s help. If you want to help there are several ways you can support us so that we can continue our work to save animals’ lives.

Ways you can help

We are looking for people to donate just 1 Euro a month. It’s not a lot, less than the cost of a cup of coffee, but with lots of people donating it can make a huge difference. There is no hassle, no long-term commitment; you can stop at any time. So please, join our Teaming Group by signing into our website https://www.teaming.net/refugiok9tenerife?lang=en_UK. Simply entering your Euro currency bank details or your credit/debit card on to the safe system, and you too can do your bit.

Another way of helping is if you have an old mobile phone please give it to K9 as it can be recycled and a little bit of money made.

The K9 Shop in Alcala Plaza is a main source of income with all monies raised going to the care of the dogs and cats at the refuge. Running a business and having fresh stock isn’t easy, but we have managed remarkably well despite the difficulties. If you can help with donations please call in – the shop is open each day from 10am until 2pm, except Sunday or if you need an item collecting then please call 611 353 801 or 646 561 035. So come and have a browse, bag a bargain and help the animals.

One important thing to know about dogs is that there are always lots of walkies involved so if you have any time to spare, do come and take a dog or 2 for a walk or pop into the kennels and play with the puppies. They will be thrilled. The kennels are open EVERY day from 11am until 2pm and anyone is welcome to drop in. If you have any enquiries or are looking for a dog or cat, the number is 667638468.

Thought for the Month: spotted on a t-shirt in Las Americas. “Not everybody wants a rescue dog. But every rescue dog wants somebody.”

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3 Responses to K9 April Newsletter

  1. missmoonpoppie says:

    Yes……I will have a doggy….:-) Will you help me to find the perfect ( not in the sence of beauty!) friend for me ( and the girls !! ) my big sister ? 🙂 xxx

  2. ashkitty says:

    OMG…that dog looks like a carbon copy of mine…who is also a rescue dog!

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