The Magic of Siam Park – Tenerife

On Thursday I took the back road to the shops rather than the motorway, it gave me a chance to look at the construction work that was taking place by Siam Park. Traffic lined both sides of the road, there were workmen controlling temporary lights, a crane was lifting large blocks of the lorry that was taking up most of the road.  The only thing recognisable was a Burger King, finished, sign up almost ready to go as soon as the ground in front of it could be walked on in shoes rather than workman’s boots.  The outline of the new centre looked good, low-level and stylish, but then sitting on the doorstep of Siam Park I wouldn’t have expected anything else.

It is not surprising that Siam Park has become the number one attraction in Tenerife since it was opened by a real Thai Princess in 2008. It is the most spectacular and largest water park in Europe. Set within a stunning oriental themed landscape and visited by thousands of holidaymakers each year.

The list of watery attractions is endless more than you can possibly imagine. From the heart-stopping adrenalin rush of the Tower of Power that whooshes you down a near free-fall drop, at breath-taking speed into a “shark-infested” tank. To drifting along the Mai Thai River said to be the longest lazy river on the planet. You can snooze on Siam’s own white sandy beach or enjoy the Wave Palace that boasts the highest waves of any wave pool in the world. Waves can even be tailored to change direction, shape, and size and reach a height of 3 metres although they break quite gently on the shore so it’s safe for non-swimmers and kids. Mentioning kids, they have their own dedicated play area, The Lost City, filled with watery fun and adventure amongst towers, bridges, nets, waterfalls and slides.

After a great day out, say goodbye to the inhabitants of Sea Lion Island then impress your friends on Facebook with pictures of your wonderful experiences in the magical world of Siam Park.

As far as the new shopping centre is concerned, it will have to be super chic, super value and filled with the top shops to compete with it’s ‘wet’ neighbour. 😉


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