Mount Chayofita – Los Cristianos

As you look out of my window, you can see Mount Chayofita on the horizon.

Mount Chayofita (2)

It is actually on the edge of my local town, and approached from the dual carriageway that runs between Los Cristianos and Las Americas. From the road, you will see the path to the top – it’s not too steep. For the shopaholics, the picture below is taken from Parque Santiago 6 but you are probably too busy shopping to worry about whether you can climb a mountain or not.  In all honesty these days that is exactly my thoughts too.  Been there, done that and have the t-shirt. Nevertheless, the first time we climbed it, the path was just a track but after several years the walk has become very popular with tourists and now a clear path leads to the summit.


Unlike the keen ramblers who follow Tenerife blogs specifically to find local walks I think the popularity of this little trek has come about because from the seafront you can see an unfinished building that has stood neglected for years. Like most places with a fence and a padlock, it attracts like a magnet and no matter what time of year you will see a steady procession of people, old and young, fit, and unfit making their way up the mountain.  For many it is only when they get to the top they realise the views are magnificent.

Mount Chayofita (11)

It is a pleasant short walk not too hard, although if like some you decide to make it wearing flip-flops you may find parts of the pathway a little bit of a challenge. You don´t, however, need any special footwear, trainers are more than adequate and it is probably better to go in the morning before it gets too hot.

A small cairn marks the summit and those wonderful panoramic views, so don´t forget to take your camera. Facing the sea, you look down on Los Cristianos with Mount Guaza as a backdrop.  Turn around and you have Las Vistas beach and Las Americas with La Gomera on the horizon and looking inland, you can see the table-top summit of Roque del Conde against the mountains of the National Park.

Screenshot (1) Screenshot (2) Screenshot

Of course, you can also see my house, which at some point, I can’t remember when, I marked with an arrow.

Mount Chayofita (12)

There is a man and his dog living in a make-shift dwelling on the mountain.

Note for the observant reader – that isn’t either of my dogs in the picture but Lola who we used to sometimes take for walks before we had our girls, so you will gather the pictures are spread over a wide timescale.  There are though 3 in the middle of the blog that have come from the Tourist Board. Hence why they are just so good!

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  1. I remember climbing it many years back when we lived in Las Americas and started the BookSwop there. Our first published walking guide included this Chayofita route,

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