Corpus Christi – Tenerife

When I last looked I couldn’t see a definitive date for the Sand / Salt / Flower carpets that are produced around the island in celebration of Corpus Christi.  The dates I saw, from official town hall websites or tourismo were quoted as 4th and 11th June.  I am sure there will be Tenerife Blogs who by now know exactly when the event will be taking place, but as I am currently on holiday I’m still unclear. Therefore to get in ahead of whichever date may be correct, I thought I would give you a taster of what happened last years.

Here in the south it is the custom to decorate the streets and mark the processional routes with ‘carpets’ made from flower petals, volcanic sand or salt.  Adeje used some 3 tons of coloured salt to create their carpets that wound their way down Calle Grande and Calle Corpus.

In Arona and San Miguel sand and flower petals are the preferred medium to produce their works of art

And of course La Orotave

Images courtesy of various Ayuntamiento websites.

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