Fiesta de San Juan

There is something magical about the summer solstice and in Tenerife, people gather on the beach to celebrate.

Midsummer Eve, or as we call it La Noche de San Juan is just another excuse for Tinerfinos to party the night away with music, fireworks and plenty of tradition.


San Juan is about change, it is about fire and water. Fire to purify and water to restore or renew. It is therefore common to see locals jumping over bonfires before plunging into the sea to be cleansed.

Early evening, the people crowd the streets and seafront in Los Cristianos. Families and friends spend the day building bonfires and have picnics sitting round specially decorated holes in the sand where they have placed candles and flowers to capture the magic of the night.


They watch the statue of San Juan being carried down to the harbour, and the sight of so many people stripping off and wandering into the sea after midnight is surreal.


I think most Tenerife blogs would said that the north of the island makes more of this fiesta than the south but last year the major celebration in Puerto de la Cruz did not take place and there was only a small symbolic display. The Baño de Cabras *bathing of the goats) did take place and can be seen in this video however looking at the number of people around (from the small box in the corner at around 2.15 mins mark) it looks a quiet affair when compared to the pictures from Los Cristianos.


The Ayuntamiento of Arona published pictures of 2014 celebrations on Los Cristianos Beach to see more check HERE

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