Shopping in South Tenerife

When I first move to the island, I dreaded the thought of shopping. It wasn’t like anything I was used to in the UK; in fact, it felt alien. People seemed to buy their clothes in supermarkets, or from market stalls. There were a few small clothes shops but these generally sold the sort of thing granny would wear. And while I have been a granny for many years, I didn’t feel the need to advertise it by dressing like one.

If I wanted to buy up-to-date clothes, I had visit El Mirador Centre in Costa Adeje where you can tell at a glance, the prices in the shops that line the narrow streets and square created to feel like a Spanish village could easily break the bank. Alternatively, I could wait for the sales in the shops generically known as the Safari Centre in Las Americas where you can find Hugo Boss, Armani and jewellery shops selling Cartier and Rolex products with prices to match. Despite the generous discounts that Tenerife sales offer, these only come around twice a year, and I would find myself having to make the journey ‘up north’.

The Carrefour Centre in Santa Maria del Mar was the largest and probably had the most choice. The Meridiano in Santa Cruz I didn’t particularly like, and still rarely go there – although I do like the cushions I bought in Zara Home. In those days, my favourite was the Alcampo Commercial Centre at La Laguna that had and still has a good selection of stores such as Cortfiel, Benetton, and even a C&A.

However here in the south we no longer have just CC San Eugenio that mostly caters for tourists, or Sansofe in San Isidro used only by locals as it is off the tourist track. We have been fortunate that things have improved dramatically over the years.

First, it was CC Gran Sur with its variety of shops, cafes and even a Multiplex Cinema that shows English-language films. Recently “Child 44” and “Far from the Madding Crowd”. Both worth a whirl.

Then came along Parque Santiago 6 that covers all tastes from the budget H&M to the designer shops like Anna Rachele and Loriblu. Even the supermarket has a quality feel not to mention the car park and loos! Kids have their own play area and parents have some nice cafes.

The latest addition is Siam Mall I recently visited this new shopping centre and gave some details HERE

Nevertheless, the spoiling doesn’t stop there.

In January, work began on a multi-million-euro development called ARTS close to Las Vistas beach in Los Cristianos and the beach by Tenerife Royal Gardens. It is scheduled to be completed by August 2016.


As you see from the artist’s impressions, the ARTS promises to be something different. It will not be a commercial centre as we know it. There will be major outlets but not a souvenir or electronic shop anywhere in sight. Different areas will change with the light, and the seasons. It overlooks the sea so visitors can relax; indeed, they say it will be “The Jewel in the Crown”. That is until …

The large shopping centre that is planned in the area of Las Torres in Adeje comes along. It is expected to cost more than €21 million, will be huge and also include a Jurassic theme park. It’s not just pie in the sky either, I saw numerous diggers there last week working away.

Nowadays in the south we are no longer the Cinderella of the shopping world our fairy-tale dream has become a reality.

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