A Parking Nightmare!

Having visited my hairdresser last week in Las Americas I realised just how bad parking is in the area.  It has never been good, but with the amount of work being undertaken at the moment it is almost impossible.

The ‘Golden Mile’ is currently far from being golden, in fact, it is murky brown and mud coloured.

It may seem like a nightmare for drivers as it stands, but will it improve when it is finished? I doubt it, the parking that was either side of the road and that we all kept our fingers crossed we would be lucky enough to nab will vanish.

The plans seem to indicate that the pavements will be widened so tourists can sauntering around looking in the shop windows. Great! However, what about those of us ‘on a mission’ and who don´t have all day to wander around. This week showed that all of the underground car parks that are along this strip were full, something almost totally unknown, – I was finally fortunate to find a place as someone was leaving. The ‘man upstairs’ must have been looking over me  Nevertheless, I can only see the situation getting worse unless more consideration is given to drivers.

Thanks for reading  sometimes it’s good just to get it off your chest

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