Madeira Cake

I had made a Nutella cheesecake for pudding. I know Jim doesn´t like chocolate desserts but he liked the last one saying it wasn’t too chocolatey. The only thing I did different on this occasion was to use Lidl’s Choco Nussa and after one mouthful OH said, “The chocolate is really strong – you know I don´t like chocolate puddings”. The upside is even more for me, the downside, what could I make for the next couple of days that he would like from what I had in the cupboard.

As he can at times be a bit old fashioned, I thought I would make something to match, an old-fashioned Madeira cake!

I had everything I needed, except the lemons, but I do have lemon flavourings that I spoke of in a previous blog.  The ingredients below are half of what the recipe called for, as there are only two of us. If you want a larger cake then double the quantities.

4oz softened margarine/butter
4oz caster sugar
5oz SR flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
Pinch salt
2 large eggs

Syrup topping
1 tablespoon golden syrup
2 tablespoons granulated sugar
4 tablespoons lemon juice (here I used 4 drops of the flavouring mentioned above)

Beat together the butter, sugar and eggs. Then add the flour, baking powder, and salt. Turn into a loaf tin. (I used a 6” round tin) I say turn rather than pour because the mixture is a bit on the thick side.

eggs beaten into butter and sugar

Cook at 180o for approx. 90 minutes until golden brown.

I tested and it looked great, but as soon as I brought it out of the oven and popped on the work surface the centre caved in ……..Oh shoot! But then looking at picture in the book the centre had sunk in that too – mine wasn´t that bad at least it was only a dent, and not a huge crevasse!


Photo of photo in cookery book.

While the cake was cooling, I heated the syrup, lemon flavouring, and sugar then having spiked the top with a skewer poured over the cake. This soaks into the sponge giving it a lovely flavour and once it has cooled for several hours the granulated sugar crystallises on the top.

It tasted delicious and I will make it again, but next time I think I will slice in half and fill with lemon buttercream.

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