Comparing Music Festivals

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As the generation that were responsible for starting music festivals in the early 1960s with events like the National Jazz and Blues Festival, the Monterey Pop Festival and probably the most famous of all Woodstock. I am often dumbfounded by the reaction of contemporaries when I mention upcoming events. More often than not, they turn up their noses and tut tut. What I don´t understand is why do they find today’s music festivals so very different to those we attended when we were young.

Back in our glory days, music festivals were regular events held in the summer, held outdoors, and attracted thousands of youngsters. The music played non-stop for hours on end and our parents hated it because they could only hear noise rather than a tune. Nevertheless the festivals were the highlight of our year because they attracted top performers.

Now take music festivals in Tenerife, the last one held towards the end of July was Sunblast and hot on its heels is the next.

The Arona Summer Festival each summer is an outdoor event of dance and electronic music for the young. It has become one of the most important and been confirmed as the best festival in the Canary Islands, with not only national, but international performers lining up to appear. So far no different to the 1960s

Looking at the bios for the Arona Festival on the main website there is an excellent list of artists this year including Nicky Romero from Holland and Rudimental from the UK in fact artist have travelled from all corners of Europe to entertain the crowds. As well as top DJ’s from all over Tenerife who will be joining the party and rocking the island.

Admittedly the music is different, our music sounds quite middle of the road, dare I say sedate by comparison. However, that doesn´t mean that what the young are listening to isn’t tuneful; we just have to listen a little more closely.

As one who is rapidly heading towards their threescore years and ten this is just a sample of what I like.

And while I don’t feel, act or think I particularly look ‘that old’ I have to concede I won´t be dancing from 6 pm until the early hours. I will though have my fingers crossed that the wind is in the right direction, and if so, I will be able to clearly hear all that is going on.
If you are younger than me (but only in years and on the outside) you might want the details. So here goes

Date: Friday 7 August
Location: Dominguez Afonso Stadium, Los Cristianos doors open at 6.00pm
Tickets: Buy HERE  but don´t hang around, they are selling out quickly.

Are the festivals really so different? I don´t think so. Enjoy

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