A Glass Of Wine Makes Life More Enjoyable

As many readers of this Tenerife blog know I am teetotal and whilst it has been whispered (albeit behind my back) that I must be alcoholic the truth is I am actually allergic to alcohol. I used to enjoy the odd tipple, have even been known to have a few too many, but not for many years. Within a few seconds of me sipping anything whether wine or spirits, my nose runs, my eyes fill with tears, I start to sneeze, and this can last for several hours.

So, when I mentioned on Tuesday last that I was going to a wine tasting on Friday afternoon at Prestigio y Tradicion several folks wondered why. Initially it was to buy some decent wine at good prices as presents for friends, but also I wanted to check the other foodstuffs the company sells that are sourced from small companies that produce food and drink by using traditional methods.

The company is easy to find in Las Chafiras, and they have a small car park. This was full so we parked behind another car and told the staff if someone wanted to leave, we could move. Once inside it didn´t look as if anyone was in a hurry to go anywhere, it was quite a party atmosphere with lots of people chatting. Lots of drinks being sampled and some exceptionally tasty food being served.


I met Stephen (Steph) Beney the Commercial Director. He is French but have no fear his English is perfect.


I told him about my allergy and he laughed. “It is what a large number of producers add to the wine that you are allergic to not the alcohol,” he said. Then he rushed away and came back with a bottle of white wine that he asked me to try. I was willing to do this but did have my tissues at the ready.

It smelt good, fruity without being overpowering, and so I took a sip. It was delicious just a hint of apricot or perhaps peach, so I took another sip and waited…..nothing. Steph smiled, told you, that is a biodynamic wine, which means the winemaker made it without any common manipulations such as acidity adjustments or yeast additions. I was now hooked and tried another; it was also good but the sort of wine I would want with a meal. The first was what I would call a ‘social wine’ the type you can sip while having long conversations as the sun goes down with a group of friends.

Microsoft Word - wine bottleWe didn´t stay long, perhaps an hour but several people at the tasting looked set for the day! The tastings are held most weeks sometimes these are for ‘professionals’ as much of the company business is with hotels and restaurants. Steph will let me know when the next general public one is scheduled, so I can let friends know.

Jim and I wandered into the shop area and admired the selection of goods, not just wine (in pretty bottles) but cheeses, meats, salts, and sweets. All those ‘special’ things that are hard to find for friends you care about.

So did I achieve my brief, Oh Yes! I came home with some oils and vinegars, three bottles of wine and a bottle of Caraballas for when I feel like indulging myself. We will certainly be going back to Prestigio y Tradicion and once you have bought, you are entitled to a discount on whatever you buy next time, which isn´t expensive to start with.

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