Top 10 villages in Tenerife

The island is full of charming villages and towns and at any point in time, you will find Tenerife blogs advising which should be on everyone’s ‘Must See List’.  As with everything, we all have different opinions so below is MY Top Ten not in any particular order but all worth a visit.

1 Masca

Like most people, my list contains Masca; it is up there probably somewhere near the number one spot. Why? Because it is simply breath-taking, spectacular, awesome… and even using all of those words together doesn´t do it justice. It was relatively unknown until the 1970s when the winding road was built.

2 Vilaflor

Breathe the pure air and smell the fragrance of pine forests as you enter Spain’s highest village. It is like being in the Swiss Alps but with a subtropical climate.
Vilaflor (14)

3 Arona

The administrative centre for the main tourist resorts of Las Americas, and Los Cristianos is a tiny, sleepy, cobbled street Canarian village, where locals pass the day in the charming church plaza surrounded by shady trees and old balconied houses.

4 Chirche

Each July in the picturesque hamlet of Chirche you will be transported back in time to experience life as it was for the inhabitants in the 17th and 18th century. The celebration is called the Day of Traditions, but the tiny village is worth a visit at any time of the year.


Courtesy Cherche Society, Facebook

5 Arafo

The old town holds many surprises in its narrow streets and small squares. Known as the “music town” of the island its long musical tradition has operated continuously since the nineteenth century
Arafo (29)

6 Abades

The slow pace of life in Abadas is typical of many of the fishing villages in this area. The beach is never crowded and the village square has a couple of bars to partake of a refreshing drink at the end of a long sunny day.


7 Los Roques

Not one but two beaches, the quiet and clean Playa del Abrigo and my favourite Playa de Los Roques a tiny shingle beach surrounded by half a dozen Canarian houses and a chapel all built into the rocks that give the village its name.

8 La Maretas

A tiny village, filled with a wild profusion of crimson and citron flowers. La Maretas is cobbled streets, old-fashioned houses lining a small shingle beach lapped by a calm, lazy sea.

9 Alcala

Today the town of Alcala is known for the hotel that dominates the seafront, but at heart, it is still a fishing village. The local market is held in the small plaza with its restaurants and cafés. The original tiny beach and sunbathing terrace have now been joined by new beach areas and the prom is stylishly in keeping with the 5 star hotel.

10 Tajao

The little, old fishing port of Tajao is famous for its tempting restaurants where the meals jump straight out of the sea and onto your plate. The pace of life here is slow and has changed little in hundreds of years.

So that’s my list but I am sure I have missed many places that are worth a visit.

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