Buena Paella – Los Cristianos

We were out walking the dogs in Los Cristianos on Friday evening and Jim suddenly said he had a fancy for fish and chips. I was brought up a Catholic, and we religiously stuck to the ‘fish on Fridays’ rule which is perhaps why as soon I could do what I wanted, when I wanted, I broke with that tradition, besides, I’m not a lover of fish in any form. However, as we were parked by the Arona Gran we decided to see what the Buena Paella had on offer.

It was around 8.30 by the time we sat down and the outside tables were nearly all full. We sat at one side because we didn´t want to inconvenience anyone who may not like dogs close by while they are eating, but both of ours just sat under the table and I would have been surprised if anyone had known they were there.

We ordered a soft drink each and then looked at the menu. There is a huge selection but I flicked straight to the back page and saw that for €7.95 you can have a choice of soups, a main course and a soft drink, water or wine. This offer is cheaper than if you just have a main and a drink. So it made sense even though it was a warm evening to start with soup.

We could have had chicken, tomato, or Canarian and we chose the latter. I expected something from a tin but when it arrived, it was homemade. Delicious, spicy, and full of vegetables, the only ones I left were sprouts; I’m loath and despise sprouts, yuk! yuk! at any time but certainly not in soup.


For our main, Jim chose the fish and chips and it was freshly battered cod with chips and salad and I chose the chicken breast again “proper” homemade chips and salad. To accompany we had alioli and on the table was a bowl of wine vinegar and virgin olive oil for the salads.DSC07141 DSC07140

We rounded off our meal with a café con leche and a barraquito and a couple of free shots, not sure what they were but quite tasty, and we felt totally satisfied.

The food is good quality, well cooked and unbelievably cheap. The service is friendly. It is almost a year since friends were here and we had an outstanding value meal then and this time was no different. I really don´t know why we don´t eat here more often but I think it is something that needs to be rectified.

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3 Responses to Buena Paella – Los Cristianos

  1. Judy Ellis says:

    We will try this when we come back in November . Thanks i will alo pass on to our dancing friends living out in tenerife

  2. Brian Marsh says:

    thanks for your emails makes the long winter nights shorter the trouble is it makes may seem a long way away could you please let me know wher buena paella is situated keep up the good work
    Brian Marsh

    • Hi Brian, Thanks for your comments, the restaurant is over the road from the Sunday Market in Los Cristianos, it is the last on the row of shops and bars. We will be going there tonight again with friends, but minus dogs 🙂

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